Vivah (2006) Movie Review – Beyond Orthodox

2 Weeks, 2 big moviesUmrao Jaan (J.P Dutta) & Vivah (Sooraj Barjatya). Apart from being made by legedary directors, both movies share one common thing – both of them are completely disappointing. While the former could have excuse for being remake of classic cult movie, but Vivah, how could Sooraji even think that people would accept Amrita as Madhuri & Shahid as Salman with same old story. Yes the movie highlights forgotten culture and moral values, but its content and presentation is nowhere near to his past masterpiece.

Vivah faithfully follows the tradition of Rajshri movies of providing unadulterated entertainment. But under the guise of being ‘orthodox’ the film paints an India that makes you wince, a disastrously worded world whose characters are not just saccharine but suicide-provoking. Vivah is unforgivably regressive. It looks like watching movies of early 90s, the movie seems to be stuck in a time-warp. Moreover there is nothing new that indian audiences have not witnessed in daily soaps.

Cast: Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao, Mohnish Behl, Aloknath



Prem [Shahid Kapoor] may be an eligible bachelor, but he is not yet ready for marriage. He agrees to meet Poonam [Amrita Rao] just to please his dad [Anupam Kher] and finds a woman he can really grow to love.

An awkward, formal exchange of words grows into a deep, meaningful conversation as Prem and Poonam soon discover that they are soul mates. Poonam, an orphan, has grown up in a small town, where her Chacha [Alok Nath] has brought her up. Chachi [Seema Biswas], however, is jealous of Poonam’s beauty, simplicity and charm, as her own daughter Chothi [Amrita Prakash] is overshadowed.

Gentle, soft-spoken Prem, the scion of one of Delhi’s most prosperous business houses, may have studied abroad, but retains his respect for family traditions and values. Prem and Poonam are engaged and the marriage is scheduled to take place after six months.

Prem and Poonam now enter the most magical and romantic time of their lives. Just when everything is set for the wedding, a crisis puts their love through a trial by fire (penultimate reels as expected in Rajshri movies). Finally, everything gets sorted out and have happy ending.

The content and screenplay definitely is one of the major led down in this movie, but Sooraj is known for taking up movies on waferthin storyline like HAHK and HSSH. Another major setback for the movie was its not so happening music. The music has nothing special – none of the songs ligers in your mind or whisltes on your lips after the show. Music had always been one of the strongest point for Rajshri movies, even last time disaster – Mein Prem Ki Diwani had some good tunes.
Acting wise all have walked through the movie, fortunately Shahid doesn’t ham much in this movie. The cow, village girl role has been tailor made for pettie – Amrita. All the remianing cast does justice to their roles.

Poor script, mediocre music and deviod of Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit. Complete Nah !

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