Aryan (2006) – Underdog

Well by now, everyone knows the fate of the movie. But still I would stick with my first impression of the movie, when I watched neraly a month ago.

With competitors like KABUL EXPRESS and BHAGAM BHAG, ARYAN might not be able to stay in the ring for long, but guess what; this movie might throw a knockout punch. With Abhishek Kapoor as the fresh director and Sohail Khan as the actor, this film is bound to surprise the critics.

Although the previews of Aryan might have lured the viewers into thinking that this movie is all about boxing, then they are in for a jolt. This movie is also about the husband-wife relationship and the highs and lows in that relationship. Some of the emotional and tense moments in the movie leave you fascinated.

Cast: Sohail Khan, Sneha Ullal, Inder Kumar, Puneet



Aryan (Sohail Khan) is the boxing champ of his college. With coach Ranveer Singh (Puneet Issar), he aspires to be a national champion. His love Neha (Sneha Ullal) is against his passion for the game and wants him to quit boxing. For the sake of her, he gives up his aspirations and takes up a job as a sports commentator, but he really messes his personal and professional life. His wife deserts him.One day, Ranveer suggests him to get back into the ring. Aryan follows his advice and in a thrilling bout, manages to defeat the antagonist Inder Kumar.

The tense moments between the husband and wife are very well portrayed. The climax fight is also superb.
‘Jaaneman’ and ‘Chhuna Hai Aasman Ko’ are outstanding tracks.Neelabh Kaul deserves a pat in the back for brilliant cinematography. Action co-ordinators Chris Anderson and Mahendra Verma also score well.

Although Sneha fares much better than her debut performance in LUCKY, she looks a bit young to justify her role. Puneet is first-class, Inder Kumar is good and Farida Jalal is effective. Satish Shah also does well.

Had it, some well known actors and have not delayed their release for more than six months this movie could have strong impact in the boxoffice. Even pre-release marketing was something like non-existent as music companies had already got their share months ago releasing its music.

All in all, this movie is a good time-killer but lacks substance.


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