Baabul (2006) – Good intention, bad presentation

Hi, this is Surveen and this is my first bollywood review. I am honoured for given me chance to write review on such big platform like musicNmovies. Hoping for your feedback upon my review.

BaabulAfter such a powerful social drama like Baghban, Baabul is major let down. Apart from few intresting scenes the movie lacks strong and gripping narative. Inorder to have strong impact about any social issue, you need to present that issue with much sensitivity and sensibility. But sorry to say, Ravi Chopra sir has faltered this time by focusing more on stars than making effective characters out of those stars.

Baabul is neither a tearjerker nor a entertainer but just another passable social movie with big starcast.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Salman Khan, John, Rani


Balraj (Amitabh) is a rich businessman with progressive thoughts about life. Shobhna (Hema Malini) is his wife and Avinash (Salman) their only son. After spending many years in the U.S, Avinash returns home to his parents. Avinash meets Millie (Rani), a painter. They fall in love and get married. Millie gives birth to a lovely child named Ansh and their life lights up. Rajat (John Abraham), a young musician and Millie’s friend, has a soft corner in his heart for Millie, but keeps the feelings within himself. After Millie’s marriage, he decides to settle in Europe, pursuing his musical career.

Tragically, on Ansh’s birthday, Avinash meets with an accident which leads to his demise. Millie’s life becomes gloomy which becomes unbearable for Balraj. He decides to find Rajat and asks him to marry Millie. But Balwant (Om Puri), Balraj’s elder brother and Sobhna are againts his plans.

Will Balraj be able to carry out his plans and prove that he is a father (Baabul) rather than a father-in-law ?

Aadesh Shrivastava scores well with music. ‘Come On Come On’ is a beautiful song with amazing rhythm in the start. ‘Keh Raha hai’ is a melodious duet between Sonu and Shreya Ghoshal. Amitabh and Rani come out trumps yet again but the screenplay spoiled their impact. Hema plays her part with amazing grace. Salman is natural. John is good. Om Puri, Sarika, Sharat and Smita Jaykar all justify their roles.

All in all, Baabul COULD HAVE BEEN a good family movie with a strong theme but…

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