Flops – that weren’t meant to be (2006)

Well, continuing the tradition of 2005, this year too some of the big movies were not expected to hit the ground so hard, but unfortunately met the ill fate. As usual, producers and distributors were the people whose ships sank. For directors and actors it was just one another glass on rocks. Some of these movies listed, though might prestigious awards in days to come, but in the box office it failed miserably due to many reasons – script, star cast, competition and even Mumbai rain.
So without further ado, let’s unravel the worst top ten of this year.

Umrao Jaan

Starring one of the most potential pair both in terms of looks and acting, J. P. Dutta shaab this time failed miserably. He was so indulged making this movie and the hype was so high – that some writers have even started calling the movie ‘Masterpiece’, ‘Revival of Indian Cinema’. Well, they had to eat up their words on next Sunday itself. Even stars like Shabana Azmi couldn’t save this dramatically slow pace movie driven by lousy script and uninterrupted volley of songs.
As we wrote in our review – Love Story was definitely, not J.P. Dutta’s cup of tea.

B.O. Verdict: Disaster


Backed up by ABCL along with Raj Kumar Santoshi starring Big B himself along with his newly discovered sidekick – Akshay Kumar the expectations were very high. Family was one of the top ten must see movies of 2006 list, unfortunately, it bombed in box office without any trace. Major drawback of the movie was its conventional not so special storyline. Those kind of stories would have worked in late 70s and early 80s but audiences have changed. They don’t want to see same stuff which has already been shown on normal television daily week after week. Even the title of the movie was not so provocative to draw audiences towards the theater.

B.O. Verdict: Disaster

Humko Dewana Kar Gaye
Well, this movie was written off in India even after the first show. The movie was more like aa Advertisement campaign or music video with glossy outlook and foreign locales. While imitating Karan Johar, the maker forgot to include at least tons of emotional drama along. Luckily, the formula worked in overseas, specially in UK where almost all Akshay/SRK movie tend to score at least average. In UK it got even super-hit status, while in India the movie was taken off the theater from the third day of its release itself reason – beautiful body minus soul.

B.O. Verdict: Flop


Irony of this movie is the movie failed because of its brilliance. One of the finest adaptations of Shakespere’s novel since Angoor, failed miserably in box office due to its rusty language. Vishal Bhardwaj must be congratulated for such a brilliant attempt to take such a western novel like Othello and present it as a small rural village story of India. His presentation was so realistic, that one could easily forget Othello and think the character as Omkara. But due to too much violent F word (in typical Bihari language) scared mainly female and teenagers away from the metros. While elite groups who have been addicted to watch foreign locales, Sci-Fi actions and glam dolls were not at all interested to see reality sketches from their own country.

B.O. Verdict: Flop


Baghban, when released in 2003 was an unexpected hit, people had not expected the movie to be such a big hit that Amitabh Bachchan & Hema Malini would be declared Jodi of the year. As it had come from such respectable production house like B. R. Films along with pretty same star cast (even more) the expectation had risen much higher. Inspite of such hard-hitting novel theme, lack of gripping narrative the movie failed miserably at the box office.

B.O. Verdict: Flop

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