Namastey London (2007) Movie Review: true-blue indian movie

East meets West themes has been tackled since Manoj Kumar’s Purab Aur Pachim till Subash Ghai’s Pardes, well add one more – Namaste London. Romantic story about our desi hunk Akshay Kumar wooing V-desi girl – Katrina. Namaste London cannot be though categorized only as Leibes film. The canvas widens as the story progresses, the Big Brother racism issuse is once again ignited, the widening generation gap among NRI’s and many more social issues are tauted.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Rishi Kapoor, Upen Patel

The story of NL moves in a progressive and natural way, without any unwatned interferances. It seems to be lossely inspired by HDDCS in some parts, but they way those parts are executed makes the difference. Its complete family movie with full of laughter, love and of course dollops of tear jerking drama. Namastey London revolves around Jasmeet aka Jazz, a clearly pampered and indulged daughter of Mr and Mrs Manmohan Singh (Rishi Kapoor and Nina Wadia). Being a brat since her childhood, Jazz falls in love with thrid time divorced man who himself is a self-arrogant and cunning firangi.

Page 3 Coverage of Namastey London

In order to get rid of firangi, Jazz’s parents plan an Indian trip hoping to find next good guy suitable for Jazz. Luckily they bump into Arjun, a Punjabi who falls into love on very first time he sees Jazz. Soon enough his dreams come true, when he marries Jazz. But fate or better Jazz had something else in her mind.
The narritive here after follows Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam path, Arjun himself help Jazz to find her love. But in the meantime he tries to win her heart back with all been there done that antics.

Will Fun-jabi be able to ever win B-Desi ?

Though romantic stories about perfect mismatch couples has been beaten to death, Namaste London looks fresh and natural due to its foolproof screenplay. The movie starts with light note until it reaches interval from where whole drama begins. Musicwise, Himesh has done justice by giving techno & groovy mixes to suit the make & feel of the movie. Even songs placement has been done perfectly well, unlike todays regular movies.

Performancewise Akki has done it again, after breaking action hero image, he once again break out from his regular comic image (post Hera Pheri). Katrina is getting better with every new movie, she doesn’t look couple of flims old. After Priyanka, she is only actress who have gelled so well with Akshay (definitely on screen). After thanda performance in Fanaa, Rishi Kapoor surprises with his strong performance. Upen is adequate in tailor-made role.

With eye candy locales, sizzling music, amazing chemistry and top noch performances by leading pairs – definitely worth of Namastey

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