Shakalaka Boom Boom (2007) Movie Preview – Teaser/Promo/Trailer – dirty battle between SRK & Amitabh

Shakalaka Boom Boom is currenty burning TV screens with hot bodes of two hunks (Bobby, Upen) and two hot babes (Celina & Kangana). SLBB is not a campus or a bubblegum romance as the title may suggest. The story based upon current on going war between nations biggest stars – Shah Rukh Khan & Amitabh Bachchan. In order to paint that story they have used music industry as their backdrop canvas though. It is based on conflicts, trauma and the power game involved in the functioning of the music industry, which is largely inspired from actual bollywood trends.

Sources inform that inorder to reflect upto date status of the war between SRK & Big B, both at professional and personal level, Suneel Darshan (the director) even delayed its release from Feb to April. Bobby Deol plays aging music star (donning Big B) while Upen Patel plays new music star on the block (SRK).


Set in New York, SLBB is about a big music star AJ [Bobby Deol] who is a great artist and finds his way up there in a foreign land, something that is quite difficult to achieve. He has built up his stardom in a big way and knows the trick of how to maintain it, with whatsoever means possible. This is what gives an edge to this character.

He knows that with talent comes power and he makes full use of it while being aware about his abilities. His wife Seema and his media promoter, Sheena, are his close associates.

Page 3 – Shakalaka Boom Boom Music Launch

Reggie [Upen] on the other hand, is a gifted musical genius. He is brash, arrogant and rude by nature. But Reggie’s sex appeal and musical brilliance soon attracts the attention of Sheena. She decides to open doors of the musical world which he only dreamt of.

As time goes by, Reggie not only threatens AJ’s position in the music industry but also falls for Ruhi, the same girl AJ loves. Reggie’s obsession for Ruhi swipes her off her feet. When AJ comes to know about this, he is enraged. Wallowing in self pity, he decides to get his own back on Reggie by camouflaging his jealousy with friendship.

As predicted, Reggie falls prey to his supposed ‘good nature’.

Will Reggie realise AJ’s sinister schemes before it’s too late or will AJ pave his road to victory at the cost of Reggie’s destruction.

The film promises to be as urban, as modern and as contemporary as it can. Shot primarily in Johannesburg with international music industry as it’s backdrop, SLBB is young, hip and happening.

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