Awarapan (2007) *eXclusive* Movie Preview – Promo/Teaser

Bhatt Camp is growing day by day, churning out one movie after another, Bhatt camp is slowing gaining popularity not just among masses but even classes are taking notice of their work. After Gangster, Woh Lamhe now one of the most expnesive movie produced by Bhatt camp is soon to hit the screens – Awarapaan. Directed by Mohit Suri, starring Emraan Hashmi, Awarapaan is a story of man who searched for joy but found nothing but pain and loneliness…

It is the journey of a godless heartbroken lover who in order to escape from the ghosts of his tragic past dedicates himself to serve his gangster boss Malik who runs a chain of hotels in Hong Kong. One day Malik asks Shivam to do an unusual job for him. He asks him to keep an eye on his young mistress Reema while he is away on a brief business trip. Reema is a young Pakistani girl who is a victim of human trafficking. Malik had ‘bought’ her in the flesh market in Bangkok.


The brief is clear if Reema is found cheating behind Malik’s back Shivam has to eliminate her. From the moment Shivam sets his eyes on Reema, his frozen past begins to raise its head. He is reminded of his lost love and how he had failed to save it from a catastrophe.

And then one night Shivam is shocked to discover that the innocent looking Reema has a secret boyfriend, whom she has tucked away and is planning to run away with. Does Shivam remain loyal to Mallik and execute his orders, or does he take on his wrath by daring to go against him. Will Shivam find redemption and faith or will this Godless vagabond remain shackled to his faithless dead past are the questions which is the life blood of this haunting tale.

Following Bhatt’s trend of introducing new faces with every new movie, this movie brings back popular south indian actress Shriya (who had debueted in hindi movie with Shukriya). Its not just lavish sequences and slick look, but for the first time all of the songs of the movie have been sung by popular Pakistani singers.

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