Fool ‘N Final (2007) Movie Preview – Teaser/Promo

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Firoz Nadiadwala, from NG, brings in yet another multi-starrer comic caper surrounding a daimond hiest. With special introduction of boxing legend Mike Tyson, the movie gets excellent uplift. And believe me, its not just Mike, but whole Hollywood superheros crew had landed in the movie. Get ready for Batman, Spiderman, Superman, though enacted by our desi heros – Shahid, Ayesha & Parsh.

A lot of breaking bones for stealing stones ends with a complete knockout comedy

A daring diamond heist forms centre stage for this hilarious comic caper as the loot in question is smuggled from India to Dubai.
The local crime syndicate in Dubai wants the loot for themselves. But what the criminal masterminds have not anticipated, is the interference of Raja (Shahid Kapur). In order to please his girlfriend’s uncle, Raja sets out to search for the diamonds.


A driver (Johny Lever) who ranks his driving skills better than those of Schumacher helps Raja, his girlfriend Tina (Ayesha Takia) and uncle Chaubey (Paresh Rawal), to flee in time so as to escape the wrath of the criminals. Instead, they end up in more trouble.

This time round, Raja has no other option but to rope in Munna (Sunny Deol), a professional wrestler and his agent Luckee (Vivek Oberoi), to find the diamonds. With all of them caught up together, and obviously the evident brains of Chaubey where intelligence is an understatement, this stylish robbery turns into a fun frolicking comedy!

The movie boasts for its glossy and slick look along with whole bunch of madcap characters from Paresh Rawal till Johny Lever and all inbetween. Directed by Ahmed Khan, the film is all set to release on June 01 and is expected to open quite well. Knowing Nadiadwala’s record from the past, there is hardly any doubt that FNF too would add on to his hit list!

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