Life in a… Metro (2007) Movie Review – a hawk eye view of metro life

With a lavish premiere in London with our Big Sister Shilpa, Anurag Kashyap’s Metro unravels lives of different couples that dwell in the city. Metro is well-crafted multi-narrative film, highlighting city life. Their dreams, their aspirations, their goals and the ‘emptiness’ that city people feel inspite of having all the materialistic things they aspire.

Sehar Mein Lekin Chain Kahan Hai…


Cast: Konkona Sen Sharma, Irfan Khan, Sharman Joshi, Kangana Ranaut, Kay Kay Menon, Shilpa Shetty, Shiney Ahuja, Dharmendra, Nafisa Ali


Metro can easily be categorized as a realistic cinema, as Madhur’s movies – Chandani Bar, Corporate. This is a deep, melancholy film about real characters, but it’s more bitter than sweet. There are myraid of characters each living in their own dreams.

You can find a troubled housewife(Shilpa) betraying her husand(Kay Kay) and romancing with another man(Shiny) for psychological satisfaction. An athelete girl (Kon Kona) hunged up completely on matrimonial websites in search of Mr. Right Guy. There is also a clichéd office culture story, bosses exploiting their subordinates (Kangana) in return of promotions. Kagana is a girl lost in Love & Lust, who confuses her bosses lust as love. The surprise package of the film is the romantic ‘live-in’ relationship shown between an elderly couple, Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali.

Life in a… Metro: Premiere in London

By using the backdrop of Mumbai, the director infuses life in the film as the film looks the ‘fast pace’ setting it wishes to portray.
The lens have cleverly captured the hectic lives in metros, which gives it the required not so glossy look that we are used to seeing thesedays. Performance wise whole esemble of cast have done their best. Kanaga, still rocks. Shilpa too gives her best performance so far. Konkona, Irfaan fits the un-soulmates role like ‘T’ and gives exactly whats expected.

Metro is NOT to be missed movie.

The making of Metro

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