The Train (2007) Movie Preview – Copy of Derailed…

Well, we have seen so many hindi movies thats been ripped off from popular hollywood movies, but The Train has gone one step ahead of all copycat list. The makers seems to be so much UNimaginative that they even chiphered the name of original movie De-rail-ed.

Rail => The Train.

Its an exclusive scoop to musicNmovies only that forthcoming Emraan Hashmi’s The Train is actually copy of Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston starrer Derailed (2005).

The Train is the story of Vishal Dixit, whose boring, ordinary life changes when he meets a beautiful woman, catapulting him into a world of romance, lust and temptation.

Vishal is a middle class married man (wife Anjali) with a child, who is regular commuter of The Train to his work. But the one day he misses his train and meets Roma, his life is changed forever. Roma is charming, beautiful and seductive. Despite the fact that each are married with children, their attraction to one another is magnetic.


As Vishal gets to know her better, he realizes that she too is a loner, trapped in a loveless marriage. The attraction between them reaches a peak and at a point they decide to give in to an adulterous affair. Everthing seems fine until a unknown brutal enemy knows this secret.

newcomer Sayali Bhagat, who’ll be starring opposite Emraan Hashmi in ‘The Train’, chilling out at Juhu beach.

Lives of all three protagonist is now threatened by this elusive enemy. Vishal have no way to know who is this enemy and what he wants ? Only permanent solution that he has to get rid of this problem is to hunt down this discreet enemy.

What happens when you give into temptation?
What happens when you cross the lines?

Some lines are never meant to be crossed.

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