Awarapan (2007) Movie Review – Gangster in love, Emraan v.2.0

Where was this side of Emraan hiding, after stupid role and sloppy acting in Good Boy Bad Boy, Emraan Hashmi, finally shows his powerful acting in Awarapan. Even his foes won’t be able to resist from loving him in this movie. Believe me, he has gave up everything he has been doing since his debut – No smooches, No naughty looks, No double meaning lines, No awkward dancing in Hawaiian shirts, he leaves all those behind and plays a stone cold assassin, who has lost his love and has no more lust for life.

Mark my words, With Awarapan, Emraan has put his name forth for critic’s best actor award next year with an inevitable crowd of fans showering over him.

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Ashutosh Rana, Mrinalini Sharma, Shirya Saran


After Anurag Basu’s Gangster, once again a thriller drama comes from the Bhatt Camp, but this time with director Mohit Suri. Mohit and Emraan had been together since Zeher days. The duo has given many Hollywood rip-off hits, and Awarapan just takes this combo to new heights. Technically speaking, even Awarapan is copy of A BITTERSWEET LIFE [2005; Korean title: DALKOMHAN INSAENG; starring Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Young-Cheol, Shin Mina], but its execution is par above all the movies Suri has ever directed.

Awarapan is extremely serious and tries to show the dilemma of a sensitive heartbroken lover turned assassin. A journey of a heartbroken lover Shivam [Emraan] who, in order to escape from the haunting memories of his tragic past, dedicates himself to serve his gangster boss Malik [Ashutosh Rana], who runs a chain of hotels in Hong Kong. He blindly follows his master’s orders like a slave, one of such order was to keep an eye upon one of Malik’s mistress – Reema [Mrinalini Sharma]. Reema is a young Pakistani girl who is a victim of human trafficking. Malik had bought her from flesh market in Bangkok.

Shivam had been ordered to kill Reema, if he finds Reema cheating upon Malik, but fate of the poor guy, he himself falls for her and that is how his old wounds of lost love rebounds. Now he is torn between his love and his docility. When he finally finds that his life has got overcomplicated beyond the bounds, ultimately he realizes that an innocent looking Reema is actually not as innocent as it seems.

She is already in love with someone else named – Rehan and was planning to leave Malik and run away with the same guy. What will Shivam do now ?

Follow Malik’s order ?

Support Reema and betray his master and bury love within his heart again.

If you are fan of Guns ‘n Roses theme (not the band) then you won’t be disappointed by the movie. The movie has excessively used bullets and violence to portray the love story of this wanderer. Apart from gripping and thrilling storyline, it is Emraan’s performance which will make you spellbound. As mentioned in preview, the movie is technically par above regular Bhatt movies that Bhatt’s invested around 18 Cr. Rupees. With the advanced cinematography, bollywood seems to be improving day by day to match its Hollywood counterpart.

Music of Awarapan is one of the plus points, Pritam along with bunch of new singers gives fresh and different kind of songs. The music and choreography of the song Ab Aa O Naa is simply outstanding.

Performance wise, it is completely Emraan’s movie. South Indian actress, Shriya has not more than cameo role, which she has done with an ease. Mrinalini Sharma has given her best and it appears on the screen. She looks very promising. Another striking performance is from Aushutosh Rana, he is absolutely splendid.

If you loved Gangster, then you will love this Gangster.

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