Chak De India (2007) Movie Preview – Xclusive Teaser/Promo

Wait is finally going to be over, after long hiatus and not so happening KBC, Shah Rukh Khan is back in Yash Chopra’s – Chak De India. We have an exclusive teaser along with lot more inside information about this forthcoming biggie. After disastrous world cup cricket and super flop cricket movies thereafter, Yash Raj makes move towards Hockey. A sport that has been India’s national sport but been quite neglected when it comes to its counterpart cricket.

After playing football coach in KANK, Shah Rukh Khan plays a hockey coach in Chak De India. Directed by Shimit Amin (Ab Tak Chappan fame), Chak De India is slated to release on 9th August 2007.


It’s extremely rare to see a director, who took his first steps in the RGV Factory (with Ab Tak Chappan) waltz over to the Yash Raj banner. Needless to say the two high-profile production companies are like fire and ice, producing some of the most contrasting films you’ll find.

Shah Khan Khan will be coaching some of the fierce young girls playing hockey to win the Hockey World Cup. Chak De India is a film about the fighting human spirit. He puts them through rigorous training sessions to get the best out of them. Seems to be somewhat inspired from Oscar winner Million Dollar Baby, where Vidya Malvade plays a feisty girl aiming to bring back home the pride.

Vidya Malvade’s character is of a Sikh girl who has a love for the game but is not allowed to play by her parents. Shah Rukh Khan’s character supposedly has a past in which he was somehow thrown out of his team. He is all set to regain his lost pride by making the women Hockey Team win in the World Cup in Australia.

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