Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (2007) Movie Review – Ummm ! First Crush

My first love !

No one can forget their first love, that tenderness, those nervousness & anxiety, that zeal to do your best to impress your love. With a fresh cast with a high school backdrop Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, tries to rekindle your forgone memories, and thank God it succeeds.

Despite of any big stars, MP3 boldly floats on fresh characters and strong screenplay. For sure, the movie doesn’t hold anything new or path breaking script. But you laugh and never get bored with those silly moments and try to relate with it.


Cast: Ruslan Mumtaaz, Hazel


The film tells a sweet love story between Rohan (Ruslan Mumtaaz) and Ayesha (Hazel). Rohan and his group of friends enjoy the school life to the fullest. They attend classes, bunk them, talk about girls, talk about their sexy schoolteacher, play pranks, and do all the things that any pack of brats of their age would do.

Ayesha (Hazel) is a fresher who has come from abroad. Her first meeting with Rohan is a bit bizarre. After a series of interesting encounters, the two become friends and eventually fall in love. What follows is the usual teasing and bantering by their friends. But there are also those who don’t want the love story to succeed.

A misunderstanding drives Ayesha away from Rohan. She leaves for Paris. Separated from Ayesha, Rohan realizes how much he loves her. He vows to find her again. Even if he has to cross the continents and propose her right under the Eiffel Tower, just like Tom Cruise did to Katie Holmes.

The director has done laudable job by turning biggest risk (no known faces) into biggest assest. Like Shahid’s first film – Ishq Vishq, this movie bears that freshness and innocence. The story and screenplay has been well crafted. It never goes overboard is being told from a teenager viewpoint not from an adult perspective. Performance wise though both the lead are fresheners, they have given their best and fits the role like ‘T’.

One of the major drawback though is the music, which is big led down for a romantic movie. Only number, which was making its way into charts was the promo- title song, which seems to be missing in the movie.

Rekindle your golden school days !

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