Red Swastik (2007) Movie Review – Femme Fatal

Sex & Thriller – deadly combination
Its true in Hollywood, but in bollywood might not always be true barring few expections like Murder. Following footsteps of Madame Mallika & Payal, Sherlyn Chopra, gives out an out bold movie inspired from lot of hollywood Sharon Stone flicks. A woman, on the path of revenge first lures her victims to bed and kills them with her signature – Red Swastik.


Cast: Sherlyn Chopra, Harsh Chhaya


Hollywood has mastered on ‘Sex & Guns’ themes, movies like Basic Instict, Body of Evidence & lately Hostel were big hits not because of their strong script or academy award winner actors but because of good jelling of skin shows and blood. Vinod Pande tries to do same in the movie Red Swastik, but fails miserably.

The film begins with a murder. A corporate honcho is murdered by a sexy siren [Menaka/Sherlyn Chopra] after they’ve made love. She draws a Swastik on his forehead with his blood.

More murders take place. The police [Harsh Chhaya] is completely clueless. The murderer keeps in touch with the Editor of a woman’s magazine [Deepshikha] since she wants her story to be printed. The truth behind her behavior is only revealed in the end. Sounds fasicnating, but not anymore. The thrill takes complete downhill once a police knows about a murder identiy and still DOESNT stops her. Even the climáx is so ridiculous, seems to be copied from some D grade bollywood skin flicks.

The movie like Red Swastik is truely made for first bencher masses and for them the movie does complete justice. Hot scences without any inhibitions, makes this thriller going. Sherlyn definitely knows what her assests are and is bold enough to display almost all of her talent in one movie itself. Nothing is left to imagination.

Sex, Titillation & Flawed script – ample dose for the front benchers !

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