The Train (2007) – Derailed, yet reaches its destination

If Anil Kapoor (Virasat, HDAPH, Nayak), is an official star from Bollywood to do all superhit Tamil & Telugu movies, then Emraan Hashmi (Zeher, Murder, Killer) is official star to do all Hollywood rip-offs in bollywood. As mentioned in the preview, The Train is a copy of Hollywood movie – Derailed with few twists and turns plus lot of smooches – signature of Mr. Hashmi.


Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Geeta Basra, Sayali Bhagat, Asseem Merchant


Though director has worked hard on adding few extra bits, the baseline of the story remains the same. An adulterous affair, cheap motel rooms, one unexpected accident and life long misery. Some lines are never meant to be crossed, the movie shows what could happen to one if crossed.

Vishal [Emraan Hashmi], a middle class man, is settled in Bangkok with his wife, Anjali [Sayali Bhagat] and their 5-year-old daughter Nikki. Anjali and Vishal are trying to hold on to their deteriorating marriage, which is already under tremendous pressure.
While their marriage (read sex life) crumbles under excessive stress, Vishal finds himself lusting over a woman he bumped into a train compartment. Roma (Geeta Basra) appears to be in the same boat as him. A doting mother albeit neglected wife, she longs to be with that special someone.

As Anjali starts getting suspicious of Vishal’s erratic behavior, his romance with Roma deepens. He is torn between the two loves of his life. Just when Vishal thought life could not get more complicated, he realizes that his secret liaison is known to someone, an unknown elusive enemy who is bent on using the knowledge to destroy all three lives.

Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala’s direction is commendable. In fact, the duo has only climbed the ladder as storytellers. Performance wise Emraan is first rate, he is very comfortable with what he has been doing since Murder. Newcomer Sayali Bhagat, a former Miss India World, is obviously easy on the eyes. But her wooden body language, conscious dialogue delivery and inability to convey a single emotion is up to no good. Geeta Basra is a surprise. The girl has evolved into a fine actor. She looks alluring too.

Embellished with lilting music [by Mithoon] and good choreography, the movie can definitely stand along Hasmi’s – Himesh Reshmaiya’s musicals.

Full of smooches, twists ‘n turns – its fascinating ONLY if you haven’t watched – Derailed, which ironically, was an awful movie.

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