Partner (2007) Movie Review – true blue David Dhawan Film, Superb Laughterthon !

Mark my words; – Partner will be one of the biggest BLOCKBUSTER of 2007.

After Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya hit fiddles, David Dhawan comes back with yet another bang with Partner.
How could a movie which is frame to frame copy of Will Smith’s Hitch be much more entertaining than the original?
Partner defies all the Bollywood logics and will finally end the box-office draught. Fuse your logic brain, wear your mad caps and definitely bring along your partner to roar like Gabbar !

Partner is undoubtedly till date, David Dhawan’s best !

No points for guessing, Partner deserves nothing less than 5 Star ratings !

Cast: Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara, Katrina, Rajpal


Finally, Salman Khan doesn’t ham or annoy you. After a long time we see Bollywood brat doing some serious acting with perfect comic timing. Was it because his brother Sohail was on producer seat? It doesn’t matter!
Govinda finally quenches his fans thirst; you will see perfect Govinda after Raja Babu or Aankhen. It looks like only David knows how to bring out the great comedian out of Govinda.

Partner, as said in our preview is almost copy of Hollywood hit Hitch, but with some twists. The adaptation is beyond its original with such tight story, screenplay and one liners. The laughter-thon begins with the first frame of the movie itself, with animated Salman till the climax honeymoon (which is the pinnacle of the comedy).

Prem [Salman Khan] is a ‘date doctor’ who, for a fee, has helped hundreds of men woo the women of their dreams. In his childhood, he understood a woman’s likes and dislikes in food, clothes or men. His aim is to help those men who like or love women, not to take them to bed.

The ultimate professional bachelor, Prem discovers that his tried and tested tricks are no match for Naina [Lara Dutta], the one woman he truly loves, who works for a newspaper as a journalist.

He comes across Bhaskar [Govinda], who is in love with Priya [Katrina Kaif], the rich and famous daughter of a tycoon [Dilip Tahil]. Prem helps Govinda find his lady love and eventually also finds a soul mate in Naina.

The movie definitely boasts of its hilarious comedy, but the star cast of the movie – specially chemistry between Govinda & Salman Khan takes the movie to the zenith. I repeat, the actors have great chemistry — you never feel one is trying to outdo the other. Even Lara, Katrina and Rajpal despite not big role support these two pillars in the story.

David is once again back in his golden days form. Partner just cements the fact that he has yet not lost his Midas touch. Only such professional could have handled the (inspired!) story and bring out best from actors like Salman & Govinda. Cinematography is superb, much better than YRF’s Jhoom Barabaar Jhoom. Songs just fit in the story like ‘T’ and the title song will just get stronger in coming days. Choreography by Bosco & Cesar was trendy & went perfectly with the music and feel of the movie.

Watch Partner, along with your partner !
I have lost my voice laughing so loud in the theater and regarding my partner, she is still ROFL (Roll On Floor Laughing) !

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