Chak De, India (2007) Movie Review – Better than Rang De? are you kidding !

The anxiety couldn’t get higher, after all it was Shah Rukh Khan’s movie after long time. The Director claimed, Chak De was far superior to Rang De before its premiere. Well, we do appreciate Yash Raj Flims for trying something different from regular romantic tales BUT what the hell were the script writers thinking while making this movie ?

First half, they teach you how to play hockey in team spirit and second half is world cup hockey tournament showing almost all games that India plays starting from the league match.

Better than RDB !
Are you kidding?

I know there is hardly any good sports movie in bollywood. Barring ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, ‘Lagaan’ and lately Iqbal none of the sport based movies are even remembered. The basic thing that Chak De lacks compared to afore mentioned successful ones are gripping narrative and the twist in the tale. Chak De India proceeds in its own pace happening nothing, the movie is nothing more than a sport based documentary, could have been better titled as History Womens Hockey in India.

With all due respect to King Khan, I just wanted to ask him why did he even took up this movie?
Just because he had been Hockey player in his college days or because of Yash Raj banner ?
And after all it’s us, who pay for their stupidity in terms of money and time.

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan



As aforementioned, the movie is nothing more than a sports documentary. The movie begins with Kabir Khan (SRK) playing Hockey, World Cup final match as Indian team captain against Pakistan. Indian team was lagging behind Pakistan and gets one penalty opportunity, which SRK fails to cash it and eventually leads to loss in the match. It was not just, SRK losses that match he gets entitled as the traitor of the country and has been involved in match fixing. He lefts his hometown along with his mother and goes into exile, no one knows where he disappears.

Seven years later, he comes back with wish to become coach for National Women’s Hockey team. He easily gets into that position, as no one in the management even cared about those sports anymore, as cricket was (is?) only religion of the country.
16 state champions comes together to form a national team, but none of them had enough practice or zeal to win the tournament. They had been used to lose. Here begins whole training, the screen gets all green fields and nothing more. Few more cat fights between these girls from different regions and languages and finally team spirit is ignited within them by Mr. Kabir Khan.
They even have boys vs. girl’s hockey match where girls nearly beat the boys and finally team is ready to play world cup.

On the first match in World Cup Tournament – Australia beats India with 8-0.
Pathetic loss!
But again it’s the coach who comes to rescue girls team with aspiring words about team spirit. Following matches with England, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa India gets victory.
Did you say how?
Better ask Mr. Kabir Khan. Only he knows.

Then comes tough matches against Argentina (the hooligans team), Indian girls gets bullied within the game. Argentina plays rough and tough, so after second half our Kabir Khan advise his team to give tit for tat. India manages to beat Argentina eventually.
Then follows South Korea, they play with strange strategy, every girl behind the opponents and it’s very difficult to break that trap. Here comes one experienced player Bidya Nayar, who makes entry and breaks the trap and makes India reach finals.
In finals once again it’s India Vs. Australia. Two of India’s top scorers have been having competition between themselves to get highest score, Kabir once again preaches team spirit, and how they should play on the field. On the final match the team plays as suggested by the coach and the game gets till tie breaker.

On penalty shootout, India misses first two shots, while Australia scores both. Now tension starts building up, but after all it’s Chak De India not Australia. So the India’s keeper save all later Australian shots and India scorers score all remaining shots to give India win over Australia.

The script and screenplay is the major led down of this movie. The writers failed to bring in some strong and inspiring dialogues, which are essential in any kind of sport based movies. Plus the cinematography was like sports telecast without any kind of special effects highlighting special sequences. The lack of gripping narrative which could behold the audience emotions proved the major culprit of the movie.

Almost all of the girls performed well in the movie. SRK as usual does fine job in terms of acting. Though doesn’t get anything exceptional to do. Music wise, there wasn’t much apart from background score humming Chak De India….

The movie could just prove another blow upon SRK’s stardom after series of attempt to achieve his past success. While his partners Salman has already began this year with blockbuster Partner, Aamir waiting for Ghajani remake, Hrithik – Jodha Akbar, SRK is in desperate need of one big hit. Let’s hope Om Shanti Om proves better.

Did I miss anyhting ?

Ohhh… yea, simply wasted $15 bucks !

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