RGV ki Aag (2007) Movie Review – Defect piece from RGV Factory

You can’t believe that it’s the same person who made – Rangeela, Satya, Kaun, Company with such raw perfection. The rehash of Ramesh Shippy’s Sholay, titled Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag is nowhere near the orginal, had the movie been only 10% as intresting as the original then theater wouldn’t have been half empty even before the climax on the first day first show.

In short, RGV falters big time and as usual its us who lose of time and money !

With so much hulla gulla going on the news media, entertainment channels, interviews, blah blah…, RGV had garnered much more hype than Yash Raj Film’s movies prior its release. After Babban (Gabbar of the original Sholay) – Amitabh Bachchan look was unveiled everyone was keenly waiting for this movie with utmost curiosity. But the movie is completely lackluster from the first frame itself. You expect something interesting might come in subsequent reels but you are strongly disappointed. The movie is clear example, how can a blockbusters, the bible of Indian cinema knock off can also fail, if you don’t know how to copy properly.

Nakaal Karne Ke Liye Bhi Aakal Ki Jaroorat Hoti Hai

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Prashant Raj, Nisha Kothari, Sushmita, Mohan Lal, Suchitra



The movie begins as the original Sholay with a train station sence, where two small time goons Raj (orig. Jai) & Bheeru (orig. Veeru) lands up in Mumbai for some work. They get into contact with old time buddie Rambha (orig. Soorma Bhopali) for some work. Rambha get these two vagabond in contact with some small time underworld mafia dealing with arms and drugs. One day during one transaction our duo get caught by Inspector Narsihma (orig. Thakur), and in the police confrontation room our hero’s break down and tells everything. Amazed why did Raj & Bheeru easily gave out everything to police without any torture ?

Prepare for biggest ROFL, our hero’s were served Lays Chips and Pepsi within police confrontation room. Are you nuts?

And it was just the beginning of script less and mediocre screen played movie. The story despite following the original, doesn’t create any enthusiasm or any thrill. Soon after that room, Raj & Bheeru then helps Narshima to catch up their boss which they succeeds but our duo are also jailed for a year due to their past crime activities.
On the day of their release after 365 days, they are straightly taken to Narshima – who now is no more inspector and had already lost his fingers (orig. Hands). He offers our hero’s 8 lakh rupees to catch Babban (org. Gabbar). The ridiculous thing is the duo takes the job for mere 8 lakhs, where government has spent more than 100 Crores to get hold of Babban.
So who is Babban, what he does, what are his previous terrors?

We have no idea, and neither have we got any idea of his extreme acts nor we get to see Babban. It’s been more than 45 minutes the movie started. What was the director trying to show?

Our hero’s finally plan to work for Narshima in his village, where Babban plans to take over all land of those villagers. Here comes Ghungroo (org. Basanti) along with her Auto(org. horse) Laila (org. Dhanno), Bheeru starts flirting with Ghungroo. The romantic track between Bheeru & Ghungroo keeps on erupting between the usual flow of the story time to time. Our heros first helps one builder in the village to stop paying any tax to Babban’s goon, which is followed by Tera Kya Hoga Kalia track, but its not at all interesting as the original. Almost all of the popular dialogues have been changed or modified, unfortunately the new ones sounds pretty lame.

So instead of Holi as in original, Babban strikes back in the village on Diwali, but it backfires. The villagers are happy now as they had their saviours, then comes unwanted songs and romatic tracks between Raj & Devi (org. Radha). Finally we breathe sigh of relief with Mehbooba song with Urmila (org. Helen) with a surprise element Abhishek Bachchan doing once more Kajrare style dance along with his father. As soon as song completes, our heros attack Babban and the gang but Raj gets hurt. Devi nurtures Raj, while Babban just gets lost from the screen.

Then comes flashback story, where Narshima had killed Babban’s younger brother during encounter of Babban. Babban gets life long imprisonment but flees away on the next day itself from the police station and kills all of Narshima’s family members. Narshima in angst searches for Babban and finally gets ambushed by Babban and loses his fingers.

Well yes, the story is very lengthy and is boring too due to its poor execution. To round up, Raj gets killed during penultimate reels during final encounter with Babban. There is no ‘Nach Basanti’ track, and finally Bheeru gets to bash up Babban. Believe me by then I got so many headaches, I had to leave the theater. The usher was not at all surprised, as half of the audiences had already left before me.

The biggest drawback of the movie was its lackluster script and screenplay. The direction was way below the normal par of previous RGV movies. Due to lackluster dialogues even acting of popular actors like Ajay Devgan (during initial reels) looked amateurish. The look of Amitabh as Babban was good, but due weak dialogues spoilt his maverick outlook. Sushmita as Devi is wasted. Nisha gets to do some acting apart from being as show doll with lot of exposure. Prashant Raj as Raj looks promising. Mohan Lal as Narmisha is just an extension his previous RGV movie – Company.

Cinematography is also one of the biggest led down, the way the camera moves rapidly up & down gets to your nerves sometimes. While at places like when Amitabh throws apple, the camera work was superb. Overall, bad Cinematography. Music wise nothing interesting apart from Mehbooba song that too largely contributed by Choreography.

Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag seems to be made for only Ram Gopal Verma eyes.

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