Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007) – Movie Review: Juile meets Indian sisterhood TV serials

After comendable job with Parinita, Pardeep Sarkar, tries to repeat similar saga but fails to hit the chord. Laaga Chunari Mein Daag is complete rehash of raunchy Juile along with run-of-the-mill sisterhood tv serials like Kasam Se, Beetiyan, Paraya Dhan…. Though Pradeep Sarkar have successfully captured the essence of Benaras and Ganga but doesn’t have any signifiiance to the ‘been there done that’ storyline.

In short Laaga Chunari Mein Daag is old wine in a new bottle.

The story begins with two jovial sisters in Benaras Rani & Konkona, singing and dancing throughout the town. while Rani realizes the hardship the family is facing; While their mother Jaya is always busy sewing peti-coats, father Anupam Kher is busy trying his luck on lottery. The only property that they are living is also in danger of being snatched by their evil uncle Tinnu Anand. In short very miserable life.

Cast: Abhishek, Rani Mukherjee, Konkona Sen, Jaya Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Hema Malini (sp. App.)


Once fine day, a film shooting team comes to Benaras and rents their house for 75 thousands. There they meet Sohpie, an assistant to the director, who quickly mingles with both sisters. They even sneak peek Mujra together, BTW Hema Malini looks gorgeous doing mujra. Beauty is ageless. Unfortunately, the team had to pack up the shooting early due to some riots on the shooting spot, which deprives the already poor family from only source of finance.

After seeing all these troubles, Rani decides to leave Banares to prove his ailing father that she can become like a Son and support the family. She confides her family about a fake job in Mumbai, and lands up on Sophies door for any help. Now begins a journey of Rani in Mumbai – the dream land. After few odd jobs where she gets thrown out due to her 10th dropped out degree or lack of proper english diction, she gets pleads Karan (Sophie’s friend) to fix her a job in his Call Center. But Karan knows she can’t get a job just on her qualification and his boss was complete womanizer. So he tries not to get this innocent girl spoiled. As old hindi movie or regular tv serial, the evil boss persuades Rani for one night stand in return of job and later betrays her by throwing few thousand ruppees.

Rani is now shattered, she has lost her purity and have no job. Now comes Karan’s another friend Michelle, who provokes Rani to take revenge against all these dirty wolves nabbing innocent girls. Tells her to use men instead of being used – become high class call girl – an escort. Now all her worries regarding money gets solved, her parents are happy, her sister is happy, hires good lawyer to fight their benaras house case but her mother Jaya knows the fact how Rani is earning this money.

During one of her escort to Zurich, Rani meets Abhishek and Abhishek falls in love with Rani immediately after second meeting and starts singing song. What a cliche !

But Rani leaves Abhishek in the middle and returns to Mumbai for her further deals. Surprisingly, Konkona lands up in Mumbai at Rani’s place as she gets job in Ad company in Mumbai after her studies. Now comes Kunal Kapoor and Konkona track, both work in a same team in the same company and soon falls in love. Rani advices Konkona to check a guy well before getting serious, heeding her advise Konkona brings Kunal home. On the spot Kunal proposes Konkona for marriage and Rani starts preparing for their marriage in Banares. But Jaya advices Rani not to attend the marriage as people in town are talking bad things about her and her work. So Rani plans to send only Konkona to Banares by bringing up some last minute work excuse.

Unfortunately, Konkona’s flight gets delayed and during her return she sees Rani going out from her building. Konkona follows Rani and reaches some Hotel, where Hotel manager addresses Rani as Natasha – a new found name she choose after becoming Call girl. Konkona now realises, how her sister had been supporting their family, Rani confronts Konkona. Konkona insists Rani to join the marriage and both of them lands up in Banares.

On the marriage day, Kunal Kapoor brings along his elder brother, who turns out to be Abhishek, What a typical bollywood coincidence ! What more is Abhishek proposes Rani then and there itself. OMG, has the script writers gone mad, why they want to end up the story so hastily ? Rani reveals her dark secret and Abhishek says following…

‘Phele Toh Mein Tumse Sirf Pyaar Karta Tha, Ab Mein Tumhari Izzat Karta Hoon…’

Where in the earth will you find such guy, a top internation trademark & patent lawyer, who falls in love with a call girl on first meeting just becuase she hums hanuman chalisa in the plane..

As every other Yash Raj movie, this too ends with happy ending where Abhishek marries Rani and Kunal marries Konkona.

Now first thing first, What kind of script is this ?

What were Pardeep Sarkar & Aditya plus bunch of other writers thinking while writing such a regressive story. Were they trying to show some documentry about how an innocent village girl gets molested in an urban city ? Haven’t we witnessed similar story millions of time in Indian Cinema. So storywise, the movie is completely disappointing.

Though all actors have performed well, Konkona and Jaya steals the show. Abhishek & Kunal are wasted, they comes just before and after the interval. Rani does full justice to the role, but the role had nothing new to offer that she hadn’t performed.

Cinematography is one field where the movie scores the higgest point, from sacred Ganges till Zurich the camerawork is highly commendable. Music & Choreography were just matching enough the storyline and matches the movie’s atmosphere.

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