Welcome (2007) Movie Review – Seriously NOT WELCOMED!

How lousy could your Christmas weekend begin ?
Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal, Nana Paterkar, Anil Kapoor, Mallika & even Feroz Khan couldn’t save the most stupid movie from Firoz Nadiadwala. A story of a common man entangled in a marriage proposal from underworld don’s sister, sounds funny on the paper. But, due to mediocre screenplay and inept direction the movie falls flat on the silver screen. Welcome had full potential to bring the house down this Christmas, but LAUGHTER is not welcomed…

Couldn’t understand what was Anees Bazmee thiking ?
Writing such a childish story and the more astonishing fact is he is also the director. Backed by such big production house – Nadaidwala’s, the director had everything at his outset, rare combination of big stars (Nana, Feroz, Anil, Akki), great foreign locales and huge sets, hot eye candy babes (Mallika, Katrina) but Welcome turned out to be another movie which had too much gloss and no glory.


The storyline is pretty much simple. An underworld DON Shetty Bhai (Nana) wants his younger sister (Katrina) to get married to some good family, similarly Dr. Gungroo (Paresh) wants his Bhanje (Akki) to get married to some good family which have no relation to even petty crime. But unfortunately, Paresh meets Shetty Bhai.

Paresh thinks Shetty Bhai as clean and high class family and proposes Akki & Katrina’s marriage. When the secret is revealed that Shetty Bhai is a DON, Paresh thinks of Plan B – Get Akki fall in love with some other girl and get him married before the proposed engagement date of Akki & Katrina.

Unfortunately, Akki falls in love with Katrina not knowing she is the same Shetty’s sister. Paresh is happy that now Shetty Bhai won’t persuade to marry his sister with Akki. Upon revelation they have once again stumbled upon the same stone, Paresh introduces plan C – introducing Mallika, along with Akki’s childhood marriage photo with Mallika. How childish and stupid could the story get?

As if that was not enough, there were still more childish plans. Making Nana a movie star opposite Mallika and teaming same Mallika again with Anil. What was the director thinking?

Even a five year old child would not buy such mediocre and childish storyline.

Did you ask what is Feroz Khan doing in the movie?

Ohhh… he is also DON, hamming same dailouge – Abhi Hum Zinda Hain… everytime he comes on screen.

The movie is complete waste of time and money. It tries very hard to make you laugh on its nonsense one liners and NOT hilarious situations. But only thing you get is BIG YAWN ….

The biggest culprit is the story writer and the director, which BTW is the same person – Anees Bazmee. Despite good choreography even the songs don’t make any impact due to not so happing music and lyrics. Cinematography was ok. Acting wise everyone in the movie seems to be going overboard.

Katrina, grow up!
And start doing some acting instead of showing same expression in every frame.
Akki, is definitely not in form and repeating some of his worst late nineties performance. Nana was somewhat better compared to other stars but doesn’t keep up to the expectations, courtesy lousy script and screenplay. Paresh Rawal suffers the most. Due to lack of good lines even our Baburao style even don’t bring a smile.

Mallika & Feroz, why were you even in the movie?
I am still confused !

Overall, lousy start of Christmas weekend!

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