Sunday (2007) Movie Review – Witty Comedy Thriller

After Jab We Met, movie makers are once again using their grey cells. Finally they understood you need to have good script presented in an interesting way to withhold audience attention for two and half hours. Glossy eye candy locales or hot dangling phoren babes can’t entertain more than front benchers. That’s what Sunday gives; ample doses of comedy, gripping storyline and a kinda whodunit mystery. Though the movie isn’t any path-braking revolution, but the screenplay and subplots makes the movie pretty interesting.

The movie begins with a murder, followed with comedy fare with some action sequences until Ayesha Takia, forgets one Sunday from her life. The whole movie now revolves around what had happened on her missing Sunday and moreover what had she done on that day?

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Ayesha Takia, Arshad Warsi, Irfan Khan



There is Ajay Devgan a cunning officer, who would not miss a chance to take bribe where-ever possible. There is a taxi driver, who is suffering from kidney problem and need four lakhs at any cost in order to survive. A wanna be actor Irfan Khan, who changes his getup spoofing various Bollywood stars.

Here is an interesting scene from the movie.

Irfan in Dracula outfit to Arshad returning from a drama show: “Aree yaar mera dracula wala drama kaisa laga ?”
Arshad: “Hit hain boss, Bahaut hassaya, itna to mein kabhi nahin hansha…, pet mein dard hogaya”
Irfan: “Kya…?, lekin woh toh horror drama tha….”
Arshad: “Aree… tujhe pata hain horror drama tha, lekin audience ko thode hi pata hoga ki ye horror drama hain…”

Sunday Stars Promotion

Thumbs up to the script and screenplay writer who has very cleverly weaved comedy and mystery in a single thread and progressed the story without a single boring moment.

Performance wise, everyone seems to be in ease. Ajay gives few action stunts after a long time. Irfan as usual gives yet another great comedy performance after Metro. Ayesha does her part pretty well, except on dances where her overweight body didn’t swing as expected. Arshad Warsi gets once again a platform to display his immense talent in this movie. He looked much better than Ajay in action sequences plus his dancing was top notch.

Cinematography is of top notch with good use of advanced transitions between the scenes. As most of movie was shot in Delhi, the cinematographer has very well captured Delhi. Music wise all numbers are just ok and helps to move the story ahead except romantic dream song between Ajay & Ayesha which is bit unwanted. Choreography is superb, special two guest songs (Tusshar, Esha).

Overall, Sunday has a good story embellished with good actors and screenplay. So, definitely worth a watch!

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