Jodhaa Akbar (2008) Movie Review – Good attemp portraying historical love and war

One of the much awaited movie of 2008 finally hit the screen today – Jodhaa Akbar, and as always how could I miss the first day first show, after all it had my long time dream girl Aishwarya 🙂 and I had to write this review…

Jodhaa Akbar is a pretty well made movie and gives you the deja vu of epics like Mahabharat, Chanakya and more recently Prithivi Raj Chauhan. Bollywood have not attempted something like this at least on such large scale. Despite strong story, backed by well established cast and crew, the movie does lack in the screenplay and editing department which disappoints you bit. Hrithik after dashing performance in Dhoom 2, still proves his versatility as Badshah Akbar, Aishwarya fulfills her role with panache and so does all supporting cast in this 3 hours 20 minutes historical love and war journey.

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Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kulbhusan Kharbanda, Raja Mura, Sonu Sood



The movie starts with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s narration about historical kingdoms, royal betrayals and wars, finally coming into 15th century Mughal Empire days. King Akbar was throne when he was in pre-teen and from those days he faces the battlefield and conquers other regimes with the help of his brave and intelligent soldiers. As he grows up, so does his regime grow by conquering more and more other kingdoms. As every victory not just increases your power, but also increases your enemies. King Akbar’s own brother in law becomes jealous of him and wants to take over all his power. So does his so called elder brother, a son of a woman who had nourished King Akbar since his childhood. During same era, there is another kingdom run by Rajputs, and Jodhaa is princess of one of the regime. Rajputs had always been against Mughals due to difference in their religion, but an exception happens when Jodhaa’s father asks Emperor Akbar to marry his daughter in return of adding his kingdom under Mughal Empire. Akbar, a Muslim, marries Jodhaa a Hindu. The movie then deals with the aftermath conflict between religion, love and betrayal highlighting romance of Jodhaa and Akbar side by side.

Jodha Akbar (2008) Premire

Overall the movie has got all elements, from thrilling war sequences including climax gladiator deul till soft romance between Jodhaa and Akbar. As it is said to be based upon historical artifacts, director has tend not to include much of fascinating fictional subplots, devoid of which in a way makes the movie bit sluggish. Having unwanted slow songs just increases boredom at times. At times you even feel the movie is bit inconsistent, director seems to be confused what to highlight in the movie, Jodhaa & Akbar’s romance or Akbar’s battlefield courageous life?
Even in the action sequences, you don’t get to see anything like Dhoom 2 stunts, maybe director wanted to stick to the realistic life story.

Jodha Akbar (2008) – Making of The

Cinematography is an ace point of the movie, which takes the story to higher level. The wide angle shots with thousands of people in a single frame in rich colors, just mesmerizes the audience. Kaleidoscope of people and festive colors are very intelligently captured in the movie and director has used those pretty well. Unfortunately, the dialogues don’t excite much. Lines sound pretty natural, nothing heavy in such historic movie. Audiences don’t get to hear beautiful and lingering punch lines. Music just goes with the flow of the movie, but none of them are soothing and humming enough. Choreography is excellent, though you don’t see Hrithik shaking his legs and Ash her booty.

Music Launch of Jodhaa Akbar

Acting wise, Hrithik in initial reels seems bit uncomfortable in royal attire and his movements just don’t look that aggressive. As we have been looking him as Dhoom 2, John player todays hot hunk it took bit long to get used to this new avatar. Eventually, he succeeds. Aishwarya does her part with an ease. Her role looks like an extension of Hum Dil Chuke Sanam and Devdas.

As Koi Mil Gaya gave first Indian ET – Jadoo, Krrish gave first Indian Superhero, Jodha Akbar tries to revive historical movies and tries to bring out them from documentary film genre to commercial arena. For that Jodhaa Akbar is definitely an excellent attempt !

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