Krazzy 4 (2008) Movie Preview -a totally mad world out there

Rakesh Roshan, the producer, director & writer with par excellence has never trod the beaten path but always done the unexpected, which won him numerous awards & accolades.Krazzy 4 is his forthcoming Bollywood comedy film which is slated to release in April 11, 2008.The film directed by Jaideep Sen, features actors Juhi Chawla, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Suresh Menon and Rajpal Yadav in major roles.The music of the film has been composed by award winning music composer none other than Rajesh Roshan.Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi Sawant feature in item numbers.

Juhi Chawla is Dr Sonali. As a psychiatrist she knows what’s wrong with her patients; as a sensitive woman she firmly believes that if you really want to make them well, you should treat them with your heart, not just your mind.

Arshad Warsi is Raja. Truly the angry young man! His blood boils, his fists clench and he’s ready to beat the daylights out of anyone who upsets him in some way.

Irfan Khan is Dr Mukherjee. He has decided that he’s the Captain of the team! But so obsessed is he by the need to be in control of a situation, he doesn’t realize he’s totally lost control of himself and his mind.

Rajpal Yadav is Gangadhar. He’s marching to a beat only he can hear; he’s fighting for a cause that’s long over. But in his muddled mind he’s still fighting for Swaraj; still hobnobbing with the likes of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.

Suresh Menon is Dabboo. Cute and adorable, he’s everybody’s pet and however far gone the rest may be, when it comes to Dabboo, everybody’s super protective. Even if he can hear and understand, Dabboo refuses to speak. And nobody knows why!

Dia Mirza is Shikha. As a TV reporter she controls the news on the channel, but as a woman she’s unable to control the unruly and unmanageable rage of Raja – the man she loves.

Rajat Kapur is Industrialist R K Sanyal, who’s also Dr Sonali’s husband. But in his quest for power and money he takes a step that will have alarming consequences for his wife and her patients – the KRAZZY 4!

Zaakir Hussain is Srivastav. He is so neck deep in illegal activities that now he’ll stoop to anything – even kidnapping and murder – to keep him ahead.


It’s a mad, mad, mad world out there
Someone’s nutty about money …
Someone’s deranged by power…
Someone’s cracked with stress…
Someone’s unhinged by overwork…
Someone’s insanely in love….
It’s a mad, mad, mad world out there
And everybody’s worried they’re going bananas….
Except the Krazzy 4
Because they know they’re already Krazzy!

Raja is diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder, due to his sudden anger at the slightest provocation, Gangadhar is living in the past where he shares friendship with Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokamanya Tilak and Sardar Vallabhai Patel.He seems busy in fighting for the country’s freedom, which was achieved long back.Dr. Mukherjee, who is a perfect doctor and is one keeps himself tidy and prim, is diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Dabboo, who has not spoken for years and appears frightened all the time, appears autistic and is loved by one and all.

Shikha (Dia Mirza), a television reporter and who loves Raja, cannot seem to help bring sanity in him.R K Sanyal (Rajat Kapoor), who is an industrialist and the husband of Dr. Sonali, gets vexed up with the four patients and attempts to get rid of them.She has faith that all it needs is a little time and lots of patience to make them normal…to make them part of the mad, mad, mad world out there…
But are the Krazzy 4 ready for the world?
And is the world ready for them?
Don’t forget to watch out this hilarious movie with these 4 mad stunning stars! The Krazzy 4 are coming your way!!

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