Black and White (2008) Movie Review – Mockery of sensitive subject

Well, this weekend I thought of making a masala mix with back to back Bollywood and Hollywood movie. Hard hitting realistic Bollywood drama – Black & White and adventurous Jurrasic Park clan – 10,000 B.C (Hollywood). I would have to say, both of them were dud…

Black & White, a movie directed by none other than the showman of bollywood – Subash Ghai, trod the path Ghai had hardly ever touched but have been beaten to death by other directors. Story about a suicide bomber who intends to bomb Delhi city, who harbors in the same city as a normal Indian Muslim citizen and gets transformed after seeing the life of people living. The movie has strong reminisces of Dil Se and more recently Fanna. Subash Ghai seems to be making mockery of such a sensitive topic like politics and religion with his tried and tested musicals subplots. Had he tried either completely dark side of the movie or completely light side (masala kinda movie) then he would have succeeded, but unfortunately he puts his feet on both boats.

Cast: Anuraj Sinha, Anil Kapoor, Sefali


Following was the BBC comment about the movie, and I couldn’t agree more than that.

If Ghai’s black and white vision of India’s current political climate is to to believed then the nation’s Muslims are potential terrorists in disguise, while its Hindus are all religiously tolerant folk.

From such maker we expect, something hard hitting and enthralling after all he is not Ram Gopal Verma (Post RGV ka Aag). The biggest culprit in the movie was its deja vu predictable script. Even the cinematography with frequent fast paced dark gallis, chowks gets boring after sometime. Post Satya and Company, audience has witnessed lot of such Dharabi locales. Despite lackluster script, performance of new actor Anurag Sinha was pretty good but it’s really too soon to say whether he’s a versatile actor or not.

I wish I had seen some other black and white flick…

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