Sarkar Raj (2008) Movie Review – Splendid Maneuver by RGV

After dud “AAG” RGV surprised everyone with Sarkar Raj. One phrase to define RGV’s latest sequel of Sarkar is ‘Exciting, Thrilling and Beyond Imagination’.

All the critics who wrote off Ram Gopal Verma because of AAG will now definitely have to give standing ovation for Sarkar Raj, because he deserves it. Superb screenplay, classic close up cinematography and dynamic performance by every cast in the movie makes Sarkar Raj a must see movie of this year.

Sarkar Raj begins from the place where Sarkar ended. Shankar (Abhishek Bachchan) now actively looks over welfare of Maharastha, gives judgment based upon his knowledge and facts. This is something his foes don’t want and makes one grand design to eradicate the complete Sarkar Raj led by Nagres and his son Shankar. Will they succeed or not ?

Warning: Following synopsis contains spoiler and readers are advised to read at their own risk. If you are planning to watch this movie, its better you don’t read the complete synopsis. It will soon release online on our partner website

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai



Anita (Aishwarya Rai), CEO of Sheppard power plant, brings a proposal to setup power project in Maharasthra which will be profitable for both the people of Maharasthra plus its foreign investors (one of them is her own dad, Mike). Nagres initially rejects the project as it will displace 40 thousand villagers living in those villages. On the other hand Shankar is convinced in order to develop the region they will have to take some risk. It’s better to overlook short-term losses for a long term gain. Nagres and Shankar go to visit Rao Saab for consultation whom Nagres worships as his idol. He too is bit reserved with the idea of setting up power plant in such remote village by displacing its inhabitants, but as Nagres and Shankar was assured about the project, he too gives the nod.

Things doesn’t seem like they appear. There is a grandson of Rao Saab – Sanjay Somji (Rajesh Shringapure), who believes Nagres and his son are trying to fool naive villagers by taking over these poor peoples land. There is Deputy CM – Kanga (Shayaji Shinde) , who is eager to get into CM post and would do anything for that, even eliminate complete Sarkar family. There is wheeler and dealer, Hassan Qazi (Govind Namdeo), who is playing all the game of deceit and blame. Misses no opportunity to make money and harm Sarkar family. Plus even 20 years old faithful security guard of Nagres, Chander (Ravi Kale) , becomes rebel when his master’s son Shankar didn’t give the latter his dues.

Suddenly, Shankar’s wife (Tanisha), who is 2 months pregnant, is killed in car bombing parked within their residence. Who is the culprit?

Is it Sanjay Somji who is opposing so aggressively and violently against Shankar, regarding power plant by creating riots in the town?

Soon, Sanjay Somji also gets abducted by the gang of people, but blame comes upon Shankar by media and press. Old and faithful servant, Chander, still shows his faithfulness despite being thrown away by finding the hostage place of Sanjay Somji. Shankar and his men attack the place and kill Hassan Qazi and free Sanjay Somji. Now even Sanjay Somji seems to be convinced about Shankar’s intention and supports Shankar by giving joint press conference supporting the construction of the Power Plant.

It seems now there is no more obstacle left in Anita and Shakar’s dream power project. But Anita’s Dad, Mike, reveals that he has assigned crooked businessmen Kantilal Vora (Upyendra Limaye) for the power project and they have even planned a way to handle Shankar. Deputy CM was no less than Hassan Qazi, who immediately hires a sharp shooter to assassin Shankar down by giving him 5 Cr.

5 sharp bullets hit Shankar while he was getting closer with Anita. Nagres and his family rushes Shankar to hospital but it was already late. Shankar dies on the hands of Nagres.

It is up to Nagres now to take upon the wrong doers after demise of his only remaining son and daughter in law. He calls up all his sources and links them one by one to find out the person behind this whole game. One by one his men eliminates Kantilal Vora, then deputy CM Kanga, then the sharp shooter who took shot at Shankar, Anita’s father within USA itself. Even his faithful security guard – Chandar, is found related to the assassination of Shankar and car bombing incident. Even he is not spared.

Finally, Nagres reveals the biggest secret to Anita the grand design which was weaved by one master mind to bring down whole Sarkar family and the system. Deputy CM, the businessman, his father Mike, his own 20 years old faithful henchman were just ponds of the game, the strings were pulled by none other than his own idol Rao Saab.

It hits you like a ton of bricks!

At the condolence ceremony of Shankar, Rao Saab makes a visit at Nagres place. Rao Saab sheds crocodile tears and asks Sarkar now who would be able to take place Shankar’s place ?

Sarkar simply points and shows now dead Sanjay Somji. Rao Saab is shocked that his master plan has finally failed and it’s revealed to Nagres now. Sarkar orders his men to get rid of Rao Saab too. Sarkar orders his wife to call his first grandson to come to his place now.

Camera now focuses upon group of people chatting in drawing room of Sarkar’s home. Anita is shown busy talking with some people discussing Power Plant project. She just turns back and commands

“Ek Cup Chaiya Lana…”

New member of Sarkar (Anita) already seems to have taken place of Shankar.

Credits Rolls!

Sarkar Raj is no doubt the biggest outing of Ram Gopal Verma post Shiva, Satya and Company. With elite cast and unconventional story RGV proves his hawk eyes and sharp brains have not yet rusted. Given good cast and storyline he can still do wonders. From the direction point of view the movie is a master piece, it’s very difficult to even think it’s the same director who made “RGV ki AAG”.

The story, screenplay and its narration is the USP of the movie. It takes years to make a movie of this caliber; devoid of any song, comedy punch lines and obscenity. Good Story and its better execution with powerful performances by stellar cast is what made this movie much above than its prequel and other regular bollywood flicks.
The movie works both critically and commercially. RGV has this time took very much care chopping off all gore scenes, rusty locales, hard to digest dialogues to carter all group of audiences.

As per the performance goes, each and every actor gets enough screen space to show their talent. Out of them all three of the major casts; Aishawarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan shine out the most. As in prequel, Tanisha takes backseat as per story requirement. Even new comers have done fine job.

Despite any song, the background score needs special applause. The background score just matches the on going scenes and makes the drama much more thrilling, like an edge of seat thriller. RGV once again tries Guru Dutt style close up shots where actors emote more with their facial expression and eyes than dialogues. Cinematography was complete out and out new experience for this generation.

Jodha Akbar, Race and now Sarkar Raj – Seems like Bollywood just got serious !

Yash Raj Flims are you lisenting ?

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