Kismat Konnection (2008) Movie Review – (Bad)Kismat !

Aziz Mirza, the man behind, Srk’s Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Yes Boss and many light hearted soft-core romantic movies still continues his trend with Kismat Konnection. It’s true, you can’t teach old monkey new trick. So, monkey uncle, I mean Mirza uncle simply derives Kismat Konnection main plot from the Hollywood movie – Just My Luck!, starring Lindsay Lohan. The movie seems to be also inspired from some other Hollywood romantic comedies like – Two Weeks’ Notice, Notting Hil, When Harry Met Sally, etc.

After watching the movie, first day first show, only thing I could say is – Only Kismat can save this movie in the Box Office.

Despite good Indian adaptation of the movie, the movie just spurs into too many clichés subplots (unwanted love triangle, Lage Raho – Vidya and old people community track, Raj Ban Gaya – common man want to make it big track). Additionally, its lousy snail speed screenplay after interval slowly kills you until you give up and start your mid-day nap.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Om Puri, Boman Irani



Aziz’s movie never had path breaking or beyond this world kind of start. Kismat Konnection also starts with a common man Raj, Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapoor), so cheeezy…

Who was best in every field in his college days; studies, sports, music, etc. But!

After 5 years since his graduation, the architect is still wandering for a decent Job. Due to some ill luck, he hasn’t got any chance to show his potential. Add to that the fact that his rival (Karnvir Bohra) is an ex-college mate, whose real-world contacts and drive allow him to thwart Raj at every step in his career. Until one fine day he bumps into Priya (Vidya Balan) who happens turns out to be his lucky charm. Priya is a charming young lady who is fighting for the survival of a community centre to be taken over by a real estate company.

Along with Priya, Raj could achieve anything, he gets extravagant mammoth projects. Raj realizes Priya is his lucky charm that jumbo mumbo lady (Juhi Chawla) had mentioned. Raj helps her along with her fight, in return of her company along with him in all his meetings and deals. Time starts changing for Raj, and during some point in the time Raj falls in love with her. But here comes clichés twist – Priya is already engaged with another guy.

So after many this & that, here & there stuff, Raj finally gets Priya. Plus his dream project of building a mall in a community, where Priya was working as social activist.

Kismat Konnection starts on a promising note but soon resorts to conventional formula. Storywise, the movie works in parts but fails in totality. If you don’t mind cheesy scenes and dialogues, then the movie might even entertain you. Had the narrative been well scripted post interval, the movie would have done wonders with such natural actors – Vidya & Shahid. Actingwise they both have given their best. Though, Vidya’s role seems to be bit of extension of Lage Raho at places. And hello! Why is she always the one who is awfully dressed?
Has Manish Malhotra lost his charm?

The movie has been shot extensively in Canada and cinematographer Binod Pradhan has once again gave his power shots!
Shahid doesn’t disappoint choreographer Ahmed Khan, but Vidya surely does. Pritam’s music is soothing to the ears.

In short, the Kismat Konnection does have its share of feel good, light hearted romantic comedy but only in parts!

Shahid & Vidya in Kismat Konnection

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