Love Story 2050 (2008) Movie Review – 1990 meets 2050 !

What would happen when outdated 1990 love story with clichéd dialogues meets sci-fi gizmos FX world?
Neither you will be able to digest the story nor will your brain grasp the glaring proceedings on the screen. Unfortunately, Harman Baweja’s launch pad (whooping 55 Cr. Project) Love Story 2050 has nothing to pull the audiences to theater.

In short, in Lalooji’s stlye Gaile Bhains Pani Mein…

Love Story 2050 had many things going in its favor. The huge never seen before animation works(SFX), exciting love story between real lovers on the screen (Harman & Priyanka), the cute looking star son’s launching who so somewhere even titled – next generation Hrithik, etc. Much was anticipated. As usually the hype was all time high. But due to poor script which tried to make all in all masala bollywood flick with action, animation, romance, comedy, etc poorly fell flat. Showing half a dozen songs just before interval is not a good way to test audience patience, just to prove Harman’s dancing skills.

Cast: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Dilip Tahil



Plus, why was the movie titled 2050, when nothing sci-fi happens till post interval, its all regular girl loves boy romance devoid of any strong emotions or even tenderness.

The story begins with Karan (Harman Baweja), a spoilt riche son, racing high speed cars. Son of a business tycoon, a motherless boy was living his high adrenaline youth on his own terms. Until one fine day he bumps into his type of ladki Sana (Priyanka Chopra – 1). She is a petite, shy girl. So, bang opposite attracts and love blossoms.

Ya, I am talking about love story 2050, not 1990. Then there is Karan’s Uncle.

Now don’t say ‘Yeh…, Uncle Kaun ?’

Dr. Yatinder Khanna’s [Boman Irani] is a scientist and he has been trying to build a time machine. Finally, it seems to be working. Sana expresses her wish to try it and travel to year 2050. Unfortunately, she meets an accident and she is lost.

Now, Karan and his uncle decide to fulfill her wish only to bump into Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra – 2). We are made to believe that people who die before their time are reborn with the same face. Karan of course is determined to remind Zeisha about their love and take her back to 2008. But not before he fights an evil Dr Hoshi (some masked guy sounding like Gulshan Grover) who wants to steal the time machine from Uncle.

Priyanka Talks about Love Story 2050

The movie is nothing but ‘bhel puri’ of 90s story with this generation SFX. The concept of re-incarnation and time machine itself contradicts with each other. You are confused, is this science fiction or re-incarnation based 80s drama?

The story is a total case of ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’ with over three hours long story. Till the first half, you don’t get to see the much talked ‘time machine’ and 2050 world. Did the writers forget what was the title of the movie?

Why was the background narrative extended so long?

The story seems to have been adapted from Krissh, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and many other, while SFX execution clearly has stamps of Hollywood flicks – The Island, I-Robot, etc.

Another funny thing is the resemblance of Harman with Hrithik doesn’t mean Love Story 2050 has to follow same storyline as Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. If you have forgotten the old goodie movie, here are some interesting facts;

1. Hrithik (first one) was goody boy here Priyanka (first one – Sana) is petty who lives by the rule.
2. Then, Amisha Patel was spoilt, here Harman.
3. Then Hrithik (first one) dies, here Priyanka (first one – Sana).
4. Then Amisha sings title track to new Hrithik, here Harman tries same on Priyanka (second one – Zeisha) to bring back his love.

And believe me, it’s not just the dance moves, but even Harman’s mannerism and acting styles is pretty similar to Hrithik. Why was he trying to ape late 90s Hrithik so much? Didn’t he realize it’s already 2008? Though, during dialogue delivery he seems to be trying his best to do SRK. Despite all blemishes, its clearly visible, Harman does have good acting skills and if given right kind of movie with strong script he might do wonders!

Looks, Ranbir has some competition ? (:-) Coincidently, Ranbir’s debut movie Saawariya had also bombed in box-office)

Acting wise everyone have done their part with justice. Priyanka is likeable, after Krissh and Don, she has become pretty comfortable with sci-fi and action sequences. Boman hams at places, though.

Music wise Anu Malik is back after long time and has given few good numbers. Choreography of Sach Kehna and Milo are pretty good. Cinematography is also top notch. The special effects are quite impressive… in parts. While enough has been written about the references to various Hollywood films, some aspects like the robot paanwala and the virtual bai are genuinely funny. But the talking teddy Boo and robot QT backfire miserably.

Harman Baweja definitely deserves a dashing start, but this is not the one!

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