Rock On(2008) Movie Preview

Rock On!! is a forthcoming 2008 bollywood film starring Farhan Akhtar, Prachi Desai and Arjun Rampal.This film Directed by Abhishek Kapoor and Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani marks the debut of Prachi Desai and Farhan Akhtar as actors.Rock On!! is the story of 4 boys who put together a band, but never make it big.Ten years hence, fate conspires to bring them together again and set them on a journey back to where they left off.It is scheduled for a August 29, 2008 release.

Character Sketch

Arjun Rampal as Joe Mascarenhas
An idealist.A man of few words and lets his guitar do the talking.His loyalty towards his girlfriend and his band makes him the hero.It seems like God filled him with all the talent in the world but forgot to give him an opening to share it.He is the lead guitarist of the band.

Purab Kohli as KD (Kedar Zaveri)
Prefers to be known, as K.D. “Killer Drummer” is the scion of a successful jeweler family.His father and he don’t see eye to eye on most issues.If one had to see K D in his work environment, one would think that he would suffocate and die.On stage it may look like he is slamming those drums with a vengeance but actually, he’s only just breathing.He is the heart of magic.

Luke Kenny as Rob Nancy
The Laid back quiet fence sitter of the band.If ever a disagreement arose trust Rob to step in and resolve the issue.He was part of the band because he loved what it was really all about, the friendship and the Bond.His Keyboard was an extension of his mind.

Farhan Akhtar as Aditya Shroff
A bohemian with boy from Delhi who left the comforts of his parents home to chase his dream of becoming a singer in a rock band.He has flare for unconventional poetry but at the same time with a message for today’s youth makes him an instant hit with Generation X.He is the lead singer of magic.

Synopsis :

In 1998, rock music had a shot in the arm with the emergence of Grunge. The voice of teenage angst found an audience across the globe and rock music seemed like it was on the threshold of becoming the leader in mainstream music.

‘Magik’ was one such band that wished to ride this wave.

This story about the 4 young friends who put together the greatest band this country had ever seen but never made it.

Years later fate conspires to bring them together again and sets them on a journey back to where they left off… a soul searching pilgrimage into their past.

Just like an old Indian saying, if one dies without fulfilling a cherished dream he will be reborn to have another shot at it.

The 4 of them came from different walks of life but when they jammed together they were ‘One’.

If Aditya was the mind then Joe was the will, Kd the heart and Rob the soul… Together they were… ‘Pure Magik’

So let’s rock on with the music till 29th August, when the film hits screens worldwide.

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