Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) Movie reReview – Overbaked second half spoils valentine cake

Yash Raj Flims latest outing and one of the most awaited movie of this year – Bachna Ye Haseeno finally makes on silver screen and the reaction is mixed both from the media and audience. Even, Bachna Ae Haseeno fails to save sinking YRF reputation, at least in terms of quality of movie.

It is also one of those nicely packed, all gloss but no glory kind of cinema. Atmost, Bachna Ae Haseeno can be termed as average, one time viewable movie, that too if we leave the theater just before interval.

This would literally be second last card from YRF for this year apart from Rab Ne Banadi Jodi starring SRK & Kajol later this year. After strings of flops and disaster just on the beginning of the year – YRF are in desperate need of Blockbuster, or even at least Hit movie. Written by Aditya Chopra, the maker of the biggest blockbuster of the century – DDLJ, Bachna Ae Haseeno seems to be inspired from multiple Hollywood and Bollywood movies – Broken Roses, Teen Deviyan, Mera Naam Joker, DDLJ and most prominently Tamil hit – Naa Autograph.

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Paudkone, Bipasha Basu, Minnisha Lambha, Kunal Kapoor



The movie begins with Raj, only this time it’s Ranvir Kapoor instead of SRK, who is on the trip to Europe along with bunch if his loser friends. There Raj meets Mahi, who follows DDLJ as religion and is on Euro rail believing she would meet her Raj. After few nok jhok which looks like spoof of DDLJ, Raj & Mahi gets close during the trip. Mahi says she is soon to get married; Raj convinces he would come to Amritsar to marry her before she gets married to someone else. As soon as they gets separated, Raj starts bragging with his friends how he scored with Mahi. Unfortunately, Mahi overhears that and her heart is broken…

6 years later, Raj is now game programmer and making decent living with his own apartment. He bumps into his neighbor Radhika (Bipasha Basu) and after few acquaintances they get very close and starts living together. Raj was having complete fun, when he gets opportunity to go Australia to work there from the company. When he breaks news to Radhika, she wants to get married at least in the court before moving to Australia. Now Raj gets cold feet, as commitment coward he was, he leaves to Australia on the same day they were supposed to get married without Radhika’s knowledge. Radhika is devastated.

Switch another 4-5 years, Raj now falls for a taxi driver cum departmental store clerk cum part time business student – Gayatri. Fortunately, this time girl wants no strings to be attached, just part time lovers. Ironically, it’s Raj who wants to get settled down now, but Gayatri leaves him. Its first time Raj’s heart is broken and now he feels its pain.

The heart break kid finally grows up and wants to apologize for all his mistakes with two girls – Mahi & Radhika. So he sets for India and starts his repenting journey. Till this point the story seemed pretty cool, but after this part the story takes complete downhill, the techniques and storyline how he gets forgiven from two ladies is completely absurd. Also, how he gets back Radhika seems complete out of the blue plot.

It’s very pitiful to watch movies from the grand house – YRF without any strong script. In JBJ, they faltered with first half. Here it’s the second half which does not work at all. What was Aditya Chopra thinking while writing such ridiculous second half? His personal life tragedies seem to be affecting too much on his writing skills.

Despite good music, choreography and good casting the movie fails at the script level. Even “Mahi” part of first half seems to be nothing but spoof of DDLJ. Aditya Chopra needs to grow up and think something fresh. Acting wise Ranbir once again proves his versatility. Bipasha rocks with her Radhika character, also she gets much more screen space compared to other two girls and she proves her talent to fullest. Minisha is ok, while Deepika’s faulted character makes her bit relegated.

In short Bachna Ae Haseeno could prove to be Another Nail on Yash Raj Films Coffin – Both Critically & Box Office wise!

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