Chamku (2008) Preview-a journey ends where it all began

Chamku is a forthcoming action thriller film, produced under the banner of Vijayta Films.It stars Bobby Deol in the lead role and is directed by Kabeer Kaushik.The film is set in Mumbai, Maharashtra where Bobby plays the role of Chandramohan Singh a.k.a CHAMKU, who moves from southern Bihar to Mumbai, where he gets entangled in the world of crime once again.The movie is schedule to be release on 22nd August 2008.

Inspired from real life incidents, the film depicts the journey of a Bihari tramp, Chandramohan Singh aka Chamku (Bobby Deol), who was raised by a Naxalite after his family was brutally murdered. He was trained as an assassin under a covert governmental program ran by RAW and Intelligence Bureau.He moves from southern Bihar to Mumbai, where he falls in love with the character played by Priyanka Chopra, and decides to lead a reformed life but a chanced encunter entangles him in the world of crime once again.

A brutal past Kill – or – be – killed fights. Political assassinations, explosive intrigues and a chance to encounter that culminate in an epic vendetta. Kahani kabhie Khatam nahi hoti (A journey that ends where it all began)

Dont forget to watch this action crime movie with stunning stars on 22nd Aug 2008….

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