Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008) Movie Review – Sensitively written, Sensibly directed

Recently, Yash Chopra was seen in media bashing his own script writers (Interestingly, his productions latest movie Bachna Ae Haseeno was written by his own son – Aditya Chopra and almost all others movies he is at least co-writer) for recent string of flop movies. When asked about Box Office disasters, he shrugged off the reporters saying there is crisis of good and creative writers in film fraternity. Well, have you would ever let serious writers ever in your studio? YRF wants sellable story writers with lots of glam or sham not serious and realistic story writers.

Lets leave that old moron (with due respect). Mumbai Meri Jaan is one movie that could be slap for YRF’s amturish script writers. Without a doubt, the debutant director Nishikant Kamat’s does wonder with such gripping storyline and much realistic presentation of 2006 Mumbai Blast. Superb screenplay, excellent performance by all major cast and perfect raw cinematography gives Mumbai Meri Jaan edge over other movies released last Friday.

Definitely a must watch movie.

Cast: Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, R. Madhvan, Irrfan Khan, Soha Ali Khan



Mumbai Meri Jaan tells five life stories of Mumbai post 2006 blasts. Its not just portrayal of vivid trauma and agony after the blast, but psychological metamorphosis of each individual character is painted pretty well.

Suresh (Kay Kay Menon) is a Hindu extremist who has a cynical outlook towards the minority community. Nikhil (R Madhavan) is a contemporary corporate guy who opposes plastic bags, endorses public transport and is progressively patriotic. Rupali (Soha Ali Khan) is a popular television journalist who sensationalizes news to make it saleable and considers that as freedom of expression. Tukaram Patil (Paresh Rawal) is a senior constable at the verge of retirement and is paired with a patrolling partner Sunil Kadam (Vijay Maurya) whose young blood wants to rebel against social injustice and corruption. Thomas (Irrfan Khan) is a nomadic coffee vendor who doesn’t gain a sense of acceptance in the class-driven society and has his own uncanny ways of getting back to the aristocrats.

Each episode runs independent of the other until they are correlated by the train blasts. While Rupali faces a personal loss, others remain individually unaffected. But the blast influences every individual’s psyche implicitly. Nikhil develops a phobia for trains, Suresh’s pessimism towards Muslims intensifies and Thomas uses the terror threat to his advantage. The parallel tracks beautifully congregate to a common climax.

Upon watching the movie, you won’t find any cons in the movie. From story, screenplay, dailouges, performances, cinematography and above all direction is ACE.

Mumbai Meri Jaan is sensitively scripted story and much sensibly directed movie.

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