Singh is Kinng(2008) Movie Review – Acid test for new bollywood king !

We had Shahenshah of BollywoodAmitabh, Baadshah of Indian cinemaShah Rukh Khanand now King of Hindi Films is here – Akshay Kumar. Does he live up to the name “Singh is Kinng”?
Well in short if loved Anees Bazmee’s past outing’s like Welcome, No Entry, then there is high chance you will also love – Singh is Kinng, atleast Happy Singh !

Singh is Kinng is zero logic mindless comedy treading David Dhawan path with lot of gags, slapstick and offbeat humor. Plus Akki once again shows his fear factor dare devil stunts.

With more than 50 Cr. on stake, successful combination of Akki-Katrina-Anees once again strikes gold. Definitely, Singh is Kinng is not a path breaking movie and rests upon wafer thin storyline but it hits bulls-eye with mindless time pass comedy targeted at masses, i.e. aam janta. Loads of humor, mesmerizing cinematography (especially songs) and tad bit of emotional drama makes perfect Punjabi dish.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Om Puri, Ranveer Shoery, Neha Dhupia, Kiron Kher



Story begins with Australia, where Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood) is a King, who along with his small town Punjabi village henchmen’s has today made big in crime world in Australia. From the same village is Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar), who still is trying to make his neighbors happy by helping them whatever he can. Unfortunately, all his good intentions turn into hilarious disaster. Whole village had enough of him and makes a plan to bell a cat, by sending him to Australia to bring Lucky back. Mastermind of the plan is Happy’s long time friend Rangeela (Om Puri). But the planner’s idea backfires, when whole village supports Rangeela should go along Happy Singh to Australia, as Rangeela is only educated person who can speak bit of English.

So, they both board on the plane to Australia, but lands in Egypt due to small ticket accident in the airport. Happy encounters his dream girl Sonia (Katrina Kaif) in Egypt and dreams of marrying her some day. Upon landing on Australia, Lucky Singh refuses to go back to Punjab and throws Happy out of his mansion. Poor Happy Singh still stands by his promise he had made in front of his villagers to bring Lucky Singh back to Punjab. There he encounters a flower incarnation shop lady (Kiron Kher), who helps him by giving food and shelter in foreign land. Happy Singh as usual gives his helping hand to run her shop and during one such boat decoration assignment he once again encounters Lucky Singh and the gang.
Coincidently, a war starts and Lucky Singh is injured seriously and Happy saves Lucky’s life. Lucky is paralyzed, he can hear and see everything but can’t speak or move. As Happy saved Lucky’s life, Happy is crowned new underworld king.

On the other side, it turns out Sonia is Kiron Kher’s daughter and has boy friend played by Ranvir Shorey. Now torn between his love and duty, Happy Singh tries to make everyone Happy till the very end of the movie. The script somersaults from action to drama to love triangle from time to time but does it smoothly with lot of gags and punches by supporting cast – played by Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Kamal Chopra and Sudhanshu Pande.

Making of Song – Jee Karda (Singh is Kinng)

Singh is Kinng undoubtly belongs to Akshay Kumar, where he portrays array of roles – village bumpkin, emotional fool, good hearted son, action king and above all hilarious joker. It’s not just his clothing and looks which shines but also his talent. Despite paper thin storyline, writers have managed to get out amusing and interesting screenplay. Director and editor have run their scissors pretty well to cut off unwanted boring scenes. Cinematography and Choreography is one of the USP of this movie. Sanjay Gupta once again shows his forte with camera. Though the movie burst into unwanted songs intermittently, you don’t feel bore due to its cinematography and choreography. Undoubtly, this is one of the most lavishly spent Akshay’s movie till date.

With good cast performance, time-pass storyline with lots of humor, bit of drama and romance – Singh will definitely be crowned as Kinng!

PS: ooh ya, I forgot – Dont miss Snoop Dogg rapping along Akki when end credit rolls !

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