Dostana (2008) – Shut Up and Act !

The first movie of Dharma production (Yash Johar) was Dostana in 1980 starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shahtrughan and Jeenat Aman which was blockbuster. Now after so many years his son Karan Johar along with new director Tarun Mansukhan comes up with GAY Dostana.

Well, what could you expect from KGay?
No offence to any group of people. But !

Dostana with Jr. Bachchan along with his Gay partner John is nothing but glossy eye candy with full of nonsense. With mediocre storyline and much worst screenplay, the movie Dostana is not even 1% compared to 80s Dostana.

Cast: John, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka



Just after the first bouncing babes song with big sister of bollywood – Shilpa, the story of Karan (John) & Sam (Abhishek) begins. Both are in desperate search of apartment in Maimi. Karan a model photographer and Sam a male nurse who just started working one fine day bump into each other while searching for apartment. Luckily, they find apartment they want but the problem is there lives a hot girl Neha (Priyanka) and who wants to rent the rooms only to females.

Sam convinces Karan to act as a gay couple and finally they gets the apartment on that basis. But unfortunately, during the passage of the time they both falls in love with Neha. To add more trouble there enters Abhi (Bobby), Neha’s new boss, who too is interested upon Neha. Both Sam and Karan starts creating differences between Neha & Abhi, but in the end love wins. Neha and Abhi finally gets together, Sam and Karan realizes their mistake and still befriends with Neha.

Sounds nice aren’t it?
Did you say GAY ???

Though the story was simple it is not handled in a simple manner. There is lot of over the top loud acting by major characters.
Despite being funny story, smile doesn’t come naturally while watching the movie. And after the second half you just keep yawing, why is director stretching the same story so long ?

Performancewise there is no one to watch out for. Abhsishek is just irritating, John is just for eye candy, Priyanka does get better role but still she is most of times just for the sake to lighten the frame with her half naked bode. Kiran Kher is too loud. There is bit relief with Boman’s entry but he is just there for one or two sequence.

As usual, Johar’s and Chopra’s are known for their cinematography and costumes – nothing has changed for them. With same old rich urban look, everything glossy even when not required. Music wise too the songs are not that enduring, same goes for the choreography expect the casting song – Shut up and Bounce.

Dostana is not even 10% of Now I Pronouce you Chuck & Larry !

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