Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye ! (2008) Movie Review – Simple Story, Below Average Fare

Abhay Deol, name associated with offbeat small budget cinema – Socha Na Tha, Ahista Ahista and 12:40 ki Last Local comes again with similar picture – Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye is a story of a thief who steals everything from cars, TV, music systems to pet puppies. Though the theme might sound exciting the movie isn’t in totality, the movie amuses in parts but due to poor editing and lack of strong narrative the movie falls completely flat.

Cast: Abhay Deol, Paresh Rawal, Archana Puran Singh



Lucky, a Punjabi boy is smart since his childhood. He knows how to con his friends, family and others to get what he wants. Since his childhood day dreams to posses all the materialistic amenities of this world. So, as usual becomes well known theif later. He along with his friend works for Goga Bhai (Paresh Rawal) who sells stolen items. During one such steal and sell incidents Lucky meets a girl and falls for her. Well, he had also fallen for similar girl in his childhood. He tries to impress with all his fancy stolen stuff and finally succeeds despite she knows all of them were stolen.

As time passes on, Lucky gets out of Goga Bhai’s team and gets caught by Police, courtesy Goga Bhai. After feeling from Jail, Lucky steals from here and there, keep on accumulating. One fine day he meets one Vet Doctor (Paresh Rawal Again) who wanted to setup restaurant. So Lucky helps him financially as partner, but the doctor too betrays him in the end. Even his childhood friend and accomplice betrays him by relaying all his information to Goga Bhai. Soon special branch police comes after him and finally he is nabbed down with more than 10 Crore of stolen items.

But, that was not the end. This time too he was lucky enough to flee.

The major problem of the story was it had too many subplot and none of them were helping the story to move forward. The movie seems to be standing still after sometime with too many blunt subplots dangling at it is. Like Lucky’s family plot, which is given so much footage and importance at first but later never dealt. Even restaurant plot seems pretty inconclusive. Same goes for the reason for lucky to go on stealing and accumulating. Was he Kleptomaniac?

From the director point of view, you don’t see any thing extra ordinary like Khosla Ka Khosla. Same goes for the cinematography and effects. The story revolving around heist and con could be made always better with good camera action, special effects and background score. The movie clearly has shades of tight budget. Especially in the editing department the movie fails. At times, the sequences come and go without any purpose.

Performance wise, Abhay looks natural and gives his best. Paresh fits all three roles and does ok. New comer actress also plays part pretty well.

Despite two lucky in the movie title, the movie wont be lucky with the critics and unfortunately might not be lucky at the box office as well.

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