Yuvvraaj (2008) Movie Review – A magic of choreography, art direction and music minus entertainment

The much awaited Yuvvraaj finally hits the screen. The showman of Bollywood Subash Ghai, along with esteemed Cast (Salman, Katrina, Anil, Zayed) and Crew (Gulzar – Lyrics, A. R. Rehman – Music) comes with yet another musical post Taal. Expectations are very high and Ghai shaab once again fails to meet it like his previous debacles Kishna and Trimurti. Everything seemed perfect, music, the grandeur of opera houses, sets, never captured natural beauty of Austria and Prague but Ghai failed in most important aspect of the movie – Story & Screenplay.

The story of a man who was abandoned in early age returns back after his father’s death expecting his share of property. A man who is so arrogant, who doesn’t listen to anyone, not even his only love, who in the world who has self respect for himself would dance upon his father’s death news?

Ghai seemed confused whether he wanted to make a moral movie about human values or make fun filled Anpa Sapna Money Money. The movie doesn’t fit in both category though!

Cast: Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan, Boman Irani



The movie begins with Salman, a brat but who also has soft heart, in Prauge as choir in an orchestra. He has been in love with Katrina, a cellist in the same orchestra for five long years and wants to one day settle down and have kids. But his family man dream gets shattered, when his to be Father in Law (Boman Irani) wants to marry her daughter to some billionaire not some arrogant penniless Guy. Salman gets humiliated in the party by Boman.

Upon hearing news about his father’s death (Billionaire in London), he makes a contract paper stating that within 40 days if he couldn’t become Billionare then Boman can marry his daughter to anyone and makes Boman to sign upon it.

From here starts Salman’s journey, where he finds his mentally challenged elder brother (Anil Kapoor), his greedy Mama, Mami, their children’s and his brash younger brother Zayed. Upon hearing the news that his dead father has left all the property to mentally challenged son, leaving just 5 Cr. each to other family member his dream gets shattered.

Anyhow along with Zayed, Salman makes plans to get all property. Even Zayed tries with his brash ways but fails. As Anil was interested in music, Salman persuades Anil to come along to Austria where he wanted to butter him up well nice to grab the property. The Orchestra team when knows about Anil’s classical singing talent, Katrina convinces Anil to sing in their group for one big musical show. Zayed after losing everything in Casino, left by his girlfriend, finally realizes family values and come to Austrai to join the brotherhood. On the other hand Salman is also well advised by his fathers lawyer (Mithun) who had made the will not to mess with Anil. Soon he too gathers soft corner for Anil.

On the performance day, Mama & Mami’s arrive and plants poison in Anil’s asthma inhaler. Anil is also shown a recorded video where Salman & Zayed were discussing about how to get Anil’s property. During the performance, Anil becomes unconscious and he is taken to hospital. Zayed after knowing the wicked plans gets Mama & Mami along with their children arrested. In the hospital, the only available senior cardiologist doctor was Boman Irani. Salman pleads to him and ask him to save his brother else he would kill himself.
Upon seeing Salman’s remorse, Boman saves Anil’s life and finally gets her daughter married to him.

Well story seems nothing more than soap but what is more important is the screenplay, how you make it interesting to audience without any boredom. With spectacular camera shots, isn’t sufficed to make a scene come alive, nor just acting. Believe me, both of them were superb.

You can see Salman acting perfectly, and he fits the role like ‘T’. You will be amazed to see him acting so brilliantly, after Hum Dil Chuke Sanam. From brat to caring lover, a spoiled child like mind and finally pleading agonized family man. Anil’s role was somewhat extension of his initial days movie Eshwor and he does it with full justice. Zayed, though doesn’t get much to do does his part well. Katrina is as usual eye candy, cheerful smile and her chemistry with Salman can be seen in initial parts – Sizzling !
Same goes for the cinematography. You can see brilliance of camera work in auditorium shots, long shots of exotic locales of Prague and Austria. Choreography and Art direction was also top notch!
Music was undoubtly superb !

But still the movie is NOT SPELL BINDING – culprit screenplay and storyline.

The movie like Yuvvraaj, clearly depicts Bollywood has got all technical brilliance, creativity to make each and every frame like a precious gem but has lost his basic essence of good story telling.

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