Ghajini (2008) Movie Review – Definately Worth Watching !

Ghajini has everything going on its side; Ace Khan (Aamir), Blockbuster script (in Tamil & Telegu), excellent promos and the Christmas season. But most of all a revenge story of a person who is suffering from special case of Amnesia, who can’t remember anything more than 15 minutes was more than enough to crowd the theaters from 7:00 AM in the morning. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is far ahead compared to his peer khans – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (SRK) and Yuvvraj (Salman) latest movies in terms of story, execution and performance. Despite most of the things going for the movie, the movie does lack few things in the editing department.

After not so frutiful year, finally something fresh hits the screen to celebrate.

The most awaited movie of the year, Ghajini, is the remake of Tamil version of the movie by the same name and has few resemblance with critically acclaimed Hollywood flick Memento. There is no doubt; Mr. Perfectionist has left no stones unturned in terms of his physique and outlook for the movie – to play an angry man seeking revenge. His eight packs can be seen right from the beginning of the movie. Similarly, his composed and a sweet lover boy look in the movie is perfectly justifiable.

Cast: Aamir Khan, Jiah Khan, Asin



The movie begins a medical college where students are being taught about Amnesia. One of the student (Jiah Khan) chooses a case file of a person who suffers from strange kind of Amnesia, where person cannot retain anything more than 15 minutes in his memory. She wants to know how this person is coping with day to day life. He is Sanjay… (Aamir Khan).
Sanjay (Aami Khan) is beating a guy to death for something. From the guy he finds a invitation card to some function and chief guest of the function is – Ghajini. Sanjay takes a photo using Polaroid camera and writes done. He goes to his apartment with aid of photographs he had taken before of the road and apartment. He had furnished his room with all Polaroid photographs, stick it notes and his body with all tattoos which could lead him to Ghajini.

Maanwhile a police is tracking Sanjay and finally lands up in his apartment. He gets hold of Sanjay’s dairy of 2005 and Sanjay’s past life starts to unravel.

Sanjay was CEO of big upcoming cellular network company. Kalpana (Asin) was an extra model in an advertising company. Due to some misunderstandings Kalpana is thought to be girl friend of this big tycoon. The rumor gets out of hand when a filmi magazine publishes the news based upon Kalpana’s boastful interview which she thought was giving to someone else to impress. Sanjay gets irritated and wants to meet with Kalpana to clear up the mess, but instead falls for her due to her kind heart. Kalpana in turn doesn’t recognize Sanjay and thinks him as an upcoming ad model. A close friendship soon develops between these couple and one fine day Sanjay, who at present is acting as an ordinary upcoming ad model named Sachin proposes her.

While the police is reading Sanjay’s dairy till this, Sanjay gets up and gets furious to see some person in his apartment and beats the police till he gets unconscious. He once again checks his photos, writing pad and goes for the function expecting to meet Ghajini. In the function he stumbles upon Jiah Khan, but fails to recognize her. In the function he gets to take snap of Ghajini and tries to kill him there during the function but accidentally kills one of his henchmen. Ghajini gets furious who is this unknown enemy who is killing his people. He starts to kill all his past enemies.

Out of curiosity, Jia Khan lands up in Sanjay’s apartment where she gets hold of 2 dairies (2005 & 2006) plus she get herself into trouble when she finds police being kidnapped in the apartment. Sanjay runs after both Police and Jai, but Jai manages to escape. Out of fright Jai contacts Ghajini and tells him about Sanjay and shows his picture that was taken during function. She also shows Sanjay’s picture. Ghajini remembers everything and now knows why this person is after him.

Sanjay on the other hand gets captured by police due to Jai’ mistake. After Sanjay gets into custody Jai along with her friends starts reading the dairies. The flashback continues from where Sachin proposes Kalpana. Kalpana accepts Sachin’s proposal without knowing he is the Sanjay. One day due to work, Sanjay had to go to London. Sanjay as Sachin tells Kalpana that he have to go to village to sell his land and cure his mother.
After that, the diary was empty. Jai tries to find out what happened after that. She checks all past newspaper and finds about a news related with Kalpana. From there he goes on investigating to find out the shocking truth behind Kalpana and Sanjay’s memory loss.

Kalapana had planned to Goa for an ad shoot after Sanjay left for London. On the train to Gao she has helped a group of 15 children who had been kidnapped from small villages and were being trafficked. Kalpana saved them, but gets into trouble against big criminal- Ghajini. As the whole human organ selling racket and sex trade crime was being managed by Ghajini. On the day when Sanjay returned from London and had gone to visit Kalpana, Ghajini along with his goons were also there in the apartment trying to kill Kalpana. Unfortunately, Sanjay couldn’t save Kalpana and in turn got hit hard on his head causing this acute Amnesia.

Back to present day, Ghajini along with his goon’s visits Sanjay’s apartment and erases everything that could help Sanjay find Ghajini. Poloriod Photos, stick its, text on the walls and even the tatoos on his body is erased. Jai after knowing all the truth helps Sanjay to identify Ghajini and takes him leads him to Ghajini’s den. After beating up numerous henchmen Sanjay gets his hand upon Ghajini and kills him exactly how he had killed Kalpana.
Post all deadly events, Sanjays starts a small orphan institute and works along the kids.

Ghajini does trodes age old revenge story but introduction of short term memory loss makes movie completely fresh. Action sequences in the movie are the highpoints. After Sunny Deol, now comes Aamir with Dhai Kilo Ka Hath. Musicwise, Beheka & Ae Guzarish were excellent. Plus choreography of almost all songs were fine, even Jai Khan’s Latoo was nice.

The biggest drawback of the movie was its lengthy almost 3 hour’s runtime. The editor could have easily cut off few sequences and may be few songs to shorten the runtime. Also instead of going back to flashback at times, the story could also have been narrated from beginning to end in linear manner, which would have made first half completely light hearted romantic comedy and second half gruesome revenge story.

Apart from few blemishes in the script the movie is definitely worth watch!

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