Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) Movie Review – An Average Fare

It’s very sad to see big directors falters. Despite a serious attempt to make something different from regular glossy Yash Raj Flims, Aditya Chopra fails to create magic with this years most awaited movie – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Its not that the movie is complete crap, the movie does have some finest moments but in total due to lack of interesting plots and screenplay in second half the movie fails to impress in total.

Overall, an average fare.
Pinnacle: Kajol & Shah Rukh Khan dream sequence song in THE RAJ KAPOOR & NARGIS style.

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction all four major task to make any movie work is credited to Aditya Chopra, the maker of DDLJ. The story is pretty simple like late 70s Amol Palekar movies like Kahtti Meethi, Baaton Baaton Mein, etc and had Aditya Chopra incorporated such simple but amusing moments, the movie would have been something different. With use of small town sets, nukkad and other art props arent suffice to make look good, feel good soft core movies. Its those small moments, comic or tragic cleverly woven into the screenplay to proceed the story forward makes the golden classic.

The biggest disappoint was to see, the maker who so cleverly tackled DDLJ climax confrontation sequence, just ended the movie so hastily like a amateur director.

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka, Vinaj Pathak



Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is story about a simple common man, Surendar (Shah Rukh Khan), who had gone to participate in his mentors daughter’s love marriage but in turn got himself married with the girl due to unavoidable circumstances. Surendar brings Tanni to his home after the marriage. One the one hand, Tanni is still grieving her lost love, her family. Surendar is trying to make Tanni happy and get love from her. Tanni clearly says Surendar, that she will try her best to be good wife but can’t love anyone anymore after such tragedy.

One fine day, Tanni sees an advertisement about Dance Training from Bombay Dancers. As, she had nothing much to do while her husband is busy in office whole day she asks permission from Surendar to participate in the dance training cum competition. Knowing Tanni would be happy, Surendar also gives her permission but wants to see her dancing happily like he had seen her on her wedding day, the day when he had fell in love with her on the first sight.

So, he asks help from Bobby (Vinay Pahtak), his best friend cum hair dressers to do complete make over of him so that Tanni would recognize him. Bobby does the job and Surendar sneaks into the dance training. Unfortunately, he too had to dance and worst he was paired with Tanni as a ‘jodi’ for the dance competition. Luckily, Tanni didn’t recognize him and he introduces himself as ‘Raj’. Raj had a complete makeover as complete urbane ‘jatt’ look and mannerism. At first Tanni gets offended with Raj, but slowly there develops good chemistry. As Raj knew nothing about dance, Tanni teaches him with extra long hours. Finally they get selected in Top Ten.

Now, Surendar gets doubts. In an attempt to make Tanni he had transformed himself into Raj during afternoon hours. But she seems to be forgetting more of Surendar and start loving Raj. In order to verify that, Raj takes her in a date, where at the end of the date he says ‘I Love You’. Now, Tanni is trapped. She says she is already married, but Raj says he knows that and he still loves her. Tanni tells Raj to leave her alone.

At home Surendar pretends to know nothing and acts normally as her husband. As Surendar also he tries to impress Tanni by taking over giant Sumo Wrestler, but that doesn’t work. Surendar takes her to cinema, but she leaves in the middle without Surendar’s knowledge to meet Raj. Upon knowing the fact that she loves Raj and agrees to flee along him the very next day, Surendar’s heart is shattered. Surendar takes Tanni to the temple the next morning , there Tanni realizes Surendar is the chosen one not Raj by the Almighty – Rab. And just before the Grand Finale of the dance competition, Tanni tells Raj she can’t flee with Raj. She knows Surendar is the one for her. Now, Surendar is happy and comes on stage in Surendar’s attire when called up for final dance performance instead of Raj’s attaire. Tanni realizes what Surendar had done for her happiness, how much hardship had he taken going from Surendar to Raj, back and forth. As usual they wins the competition and goes for Japan for the Honeymoon.

The biggest flaw of the story was nothing much happens after the entry of Raj in terms of story. As the main characters in the movie says – ‘Sab Rab Pe Chode’. Adtiya Chopra also seems to have done the same while writing the screenplay and dialogue. The movie just drags unnecessarily for the complete second half. The final dance competition also was just there to extend the time of the movie, doesn’t help the story any way.

Music wise, the movie does has some good hummable tunes like ‘Haule Haule’ and ‘Rab Dikhta Hain’. The choreography of a star studded Song – ‘Phir Milenge, Chalte Chalte’ was stunning.

From the director point of view, there was nothing outstanding it was an average direction. Same goes for the cinematography.

Despite all the blemishes in script, the movie does boast with the powerful performances from not just King Khan but also debutante – Anushka. She steals the show with her vibrant Punjabi look right from the first couple of scenes. Watch her ride the bike chase the goons.

Also the best moment of the movie, is a medley song with Kajol, Bipasha, Lara, Preity and Rani. The screen just lightens up to see SRK & Kajol share the same screen space.

The movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, proves once again, there has been bankruptcy of good script writers in the Bollywood.

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