Chandani Chowk to China (2008) Movie Review – International !

Finally, Bollywood delivers Hollywood level movie with Chandani Chowk to China (CC2C). It is not just because the movie is being backed by Time Warner Hollywood Studio, but its story, backdrop, action and above all performance of Akshay Kumar raises the movies bar.
Chandani Chowk to China is one thrilling action comedy movie which is loosely inspired by recent Hollywood animation movie – ‘Kunfu Panda’. It has raw kunfu action, matrix level special effects, lost & found drama, comedy of errors, unexpected twists & turns and yes dollops of emotion. The movie doesn’t has a single second of boring moment. It’s complete family entertainer.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Deepika, Mithun, Ranvir Shorey



There was time when Akshay was known as Tom Cruise of Bollywood, but with these kind of cross country movies the time might come soon when Tom might be called Hollywood’s Akshay Kumar. Produced by Veteran Ramesh Shippy (Sholay), directed by Nikhil Advani (Kal Ho Na Ho), Chandani Chowk To China clearly bears the mark of perfection. Nikhil might have worked day and night to wash his last disaster (Salame-E-Ishq). One of the biggest point of this movie is it doesn’t use any Yash Raj, Red Chillies or Karan Johar style gimmicks like big guest stars, unwanted subplots, Switzerland dream sequence songs etc. The actors in the movie themselves easily carry the movie upon their shoulders with thrilling yet hilarious script.

The movie beings with legend of The Great Wall of China and its protector ‘Lui Fey’. Lui died while protecting China from evil forces centuries ago. Today he is symbol of warrior who fights against the evil. In a small town near the wall is Hojo (Gordon Liu), the evil person who does all kinds of crime and treats the village workers like a shit. These people go to their priest who says there is re-incarnation of ‘Lu Fey’ in India who can save them from ‘Hojo’. The story moves to India, Chandani Chowk where Sidhu (Akshay) works as kitchen helper in a dhaba owned by his Daduu (Mithun – his savior, who had nurtured Sidhu since his childhood). Sidhu is too eager to make money fast and is always busy buying lottery tickets and going behind fake astrologers like ‘Guruji’ or Chopstick as he is popularly know later (Ranvir Shoery). One fine day, two Chinese people find Akshay Kumar and believes he is the reincarnation of ‘Lu Fey’. They take him and ‘Guruji’ to their village to kill Hojo.

There is another important character Tele-shopping model (Deepika), who encounters Akshay during VISA queue. Her father was Chinese and her mother Indian. She had lost her twin sister and her father (Police) due to same ‘Hojo’ decades ago. Interestingly, one of her lost twin sister is now part of ‘Hojo’s gang and is now perfect in martial arts and diamond smuggling. Her father is now living beggar life and has lost all his memory. Upon knowning the villagers have brought some guy from India to kill Hojo, he asks his men to kill the newly aboard guy. In a course of action, ‘Dadda’ gets killed and severely beaten Sidhu is thrown from Great Wall of China.

Intermission !

What happens next is one thrilling drama.
Will Sidhu come alive to take revenge of his ‘Dadda’? Even if he survives how will he match ‘Hojo”s martial art skills and army.
Will twin sisters ever meet and know each others reality?
Will father and daughters ever meet?

There are so many questions that will keep you glued to the seat even during intermission.
And believe me post interval is as much thrilling as it was before but definitely with bit less comedy.

Ramesh Shippy gives modern version Sholay this time with similar story line with just change of backdrop and variation story execution. I strongly believe he won’t be disappointed. Director Nikhil has given his best, camera angles, shots and picturesque China and enthralling Great Wall Of China is shown like never shown before. There are many shots within the Great Wall. Cinematography and Action is A++, something you have never seen before on Indian Screen.

Music is not so great like Akki previous movies, but has been placed perfectly well and helps to progress the story. Choreography of songs are extremely well. Specially, end of the movie songs when credits run. Editor has run his scissors very well to chop off any unwanted scene or so.

Now comes the performance part. Man… The bombshell Deepika gels so well with Akki, you doubt this is their first movie together. You can see spark in their coupling. Deepika has done excellent performance, she is not just prop like in Om Shanti Om in this movie. Her action stunt will amaze audience. Ranvir has played his part perfectly. One of the surprise package was Mithun Da, after a very long time you can see true 80s Mithun Da (Social, Action movie days). He isn’t hamming or overacting this time. He has done sincere job and has got meaty role too. He overshadows even Akki in the initial reels. The Chinese villain fits the role like ‘T’, his cold cruel look was spine chilling and his hat spinning action was superb. Above all Akshay once again proves he is the ACTUAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD. He does comedy, action, emotional drama and romance all by himself. No guest artist or props required. With every SUPERHIT movies he just gets better and he doesn’t need Johars, Ghai’s, Bhatt’s or the Chopra’s as the stepping stones, its kind of opposite though.

Its very rare in Bollywood to see fun filled masala movies like Chandani Chowk to China with good script, excellent performance and perfect direction devoid of any cliché, one liner double meaning jokes or ample of skin show.

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