Raaz (2009) The Mystery Continues Movie Review – Spooky !

Disclaimer: If you thought RGV’s Bhoot was scary then this might give you heart failure. STRICTLY NOT for the weak heart people.

Mohit Suri, Vikesh Flims, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt along with Emraan Hashmi what would you expect besides strip down Hollywood movies, but with good story adaptation and excellent execution. Well, this time too they don’t disappoint. Raaz – The Mystery Continues seems to be loosely inspired from Hollywood flicks – ‘The Ring’ (Well Scene), Da Vinci Code and many others. You can see Mohit nearing the perfection with every film of his and definitely, Raaz – The Murder Continues is one fine example of it. Raaz- TMC is a paranormal horror story merging Hindu mythology, its tribunal exorcist rituals and urbane life. Raaz as the name suggests is full of twists and turns and will scare hell out of you with its background score, unexpected scary scenes, etc.

If you want to feel Xzone this weekend, book yourself for Raaz – TMC.

Cast: Emraan, Kangana, Adhyayan Suman, Jackie



The movie begins with a loud and horror scene where a Hindu priest is shown trying to kill himself, but before that he is himself torturing by wounding his body and writing on the wall – ‘Tum Asudh Ho Chuke Ho…’ (You are no more pure). A forienger enters the temple where priest is trying to sucide, he too is scared enough and scares hell out of him when the priest kills himself.

Switch to urban world, full of Fashion & Glamour. Nandita(Kangana Ranaut) is a model and she is in love with this TV presenter, Yash (Adhyayan Suman) of a reality show who just won Award for his show ‘Andhaviswas’. Then there is this painter guy – Prithivi (Emraan), who had painted Nandita’s paintings where she is in panic. Incidently, he had never met Nandita. Whatever he paints about Nandita it happens. How is it happening?

Nandita soon realizes she is under influence of paranormal forces which she can’t understand how and most importantly why she is being attacked. That is the Raaz (The Mystery) which continues day after day. Unfortunately, one day the Prithivi paints Nandita hanging herself and behind her hanging body is same slogan – ‘Tum Asudh Ho…’. . Prithivi gives in and saves her from such calamity and both of them are into search of this Raaz behind all this incidents.

They reach a village called Kalkani where the priest had killed himself in the first scene. Every year there takes place a big festival and it was festive season. They meet various other people who met similar consequences like Nandita and who got killed or were about die. The mystery just deepens. Until, one night when Nadita falls into a big dark well where she is further drowned by scary long hands dragging her inside the deep dark well. Prithivi saves her from the well and Nandita says – Now I know the Raaz behind all these events…
Prithivi asks: who told you?
Your father, she replies…

Why was she haunted and what is her relation with this village?
How did painter’s father died?

All the questions get answered one by one as they reach to the climax of the movie.

Story and direction of the movie is good. The script doesn’t strays around abrupt subplots or unwanted smooch scenes. Unfortunately, Bad Boy Emraan does get to kiss this time but the other guy gets to make out with the leading lady. At times in first half the scenes look abrupt due to mystery but after 30-45 Mins in the movie the movie becomes edge of the seat thriller.
Cinematography and Editing is the pinnacle of the movie. If YASH RAJ & JOHARS are good at presenting glossy, eye candy, Branded urbane look then it has to be Bhatt’s who can bring in artistic, eerier and metaphorical locales and camera angles.

Like every Bhatt movies, the movie boasts with excellent music, topping the chart – ‘Mahi’ and the mind blowing cinematography just enriches the music. You can see and feel the sound, every frame of the movie looks like an art. Other songs too gels well with the movie and its proceedings.

Performance, Kangana does her job as haunted girl superbly. Her expressions are superb like in Fashion. She can emote through her eyes like SRK. Emraan this time around leaves all his mischievous dirty look and romance. He cakewalks his part as there was not much for him to do. Still he is still good than Adhyayan Suman. The new actor (his 2nd movie) will need to work very hard to stick in Bollywood. Mostly in his dialogue delivery and expression. He in a way disappoints in terms of performance after his debut. Jackie in his guest suppoting role was adequate.

Overall the movie is good paranormal experience like Bhoot, 1920 or Phoonk !

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