Movie Review: Blue (2009)

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Box Office: Disaster


BLUE, the most awaited movie of the year, with its canvas as huge as the ocean, comes alive on the Hindi screen this Friday. It requires courage, willpower, fortitude, vision and of course, the financial backing to accomplish a project of this magnitude.

“Blue” actually begins and ends at the basic synopsis level. Mr. Richie Rich Akshay Kumar wants a treasure to be explored and entices his employee and friend Sanjay Dutt with tempting offers.Dutt is reluctant to take that dive into the sea even though his girlfriend Lara Dutta and brother Zayed Khan do present him enough reasons to take the plunge. Eventually he relents and the journey of “Blue” begins. Simple.

In absence of a sane screenplay, the viewer is subjected to burnout action sequences and bike chases. By the time the oceanic treasure-hunt initiates in the climax, you see blue since the film is ‘in deep water’. Sadly the authentic aquatic life is put to no active use as even the sharks seem to be harmlessly herbivorous. Rather the regular hero-villain combats are replicated in the oceans to no groundbreaking effect with the marine life playing passive spectators to the proceedings.

Good Reviews  |    |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “has everything going in its favour, right from its incredible star cast to the superb action scenes to the hitherto unseen marine life to the tremendous hype and hoopla”
3.5 “Go, feast your eyes on brawn and cheesecake. “
Times Of India
3.5 “if only Blue rose out of the clichéd storyline. Maybe then we would be talking about a classic rather than a good film which it has ended up as!”
Planet Bollywood
3.0 “a lot of fun and if you are an action junkie, you will not be disappointed”
3.0 “‘Blue’ is still worth a dive”
3.0 “may not be the mind-blowing commercial action thriller that you would have ever seen. However, it certainly is the most innovative attempt that deserves to be acknowledged and lauded”
3.0 “Loose your cognizance, enjoy it”
3.0 “is a stylish film and is a wonderful experience. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “doesn’t glue you to the seat. Rather its corniness can make you see red”
2.0 “was supposed to be a thriller. But a ridiculous plot, inane dialogues and plain bad direction makes this a damp squib”
2.0 “does not translate into anything great. It falls as a rather mediocre piece of work”
2.0 “no story and screenplay in place and thanda performances with no emotional connect with audience”
Movie Talkies
2.0 “a damp squib that fails to live up to the expectations it had raised”
Zee News
2.0 “Watch it if you’re a die-hard action fan and don’t care much for sense or story”
1.5 “let us warn you that you will be in for a BIG disappointment”
Real Bollywood
1.5 “a classic example of money being flushed recklessly. It’s all gloss and hype but no substance”
Star Box Office
1.5 “is about 80 – 100 crores of money drowned deep into the Sea”
1.5 “is not a thriller so much as an extremely violent swimsuit calendar”
1.5 “fully damp (forgive the pun). You might as well watch the channels for more entertainment”
1.5 “It hurts to see Rs 100 crore going down the drain”
Buzz 18
1.0 “poorly written and terribly executed”
Now Running
1.0 “Just so you know why some dumb economies just deserve a recession”
Hindustan Times
1.0 “Most escapist entertainers of this variety rely on a racy script that keeps you on-the-edge and breathtaking action that blows your mind away. This film, sadly, has neither”
DNA India
1.0 “This one could turn out to be as big a disaster as the Titanic. By Titanic, I mean the actual ship that sank, not the film that soared to the sky”
Mumbai Mirror
1.0 “My advice would be to save the money for some Diwali shopping”

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