Movie Review: London Dreams (2009)

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Box Office: Flop

London DreamsIn real life, if you feel your colleague is far more superior to you in intelligence, talent, charisma, efficiency, chances are you might feel the heat. Jealousy, generally, stems from there. In the process, the best of relations get strained. LONDON DREAMS, directed by Vipul Shah, talks of two musicians, thick pals actually, and how jealousy drives a wedge in their friendship.

LONDON DREAMS borrows story from Milos Forman’s brilliant film AMADEUS [1984], which was based on Salieri and Mozart’s life.This film is about relationships and tends to get very real and intense, in the post-interval portions specifically. Vipul Shah’s story charts the lives of two friends, from the lush fields of Punjab to the high stakes world of showbiz. Arjun (Ajay Devgn) is an ambitious, trained musician whose dream is to perform at London’s Wembly Arena. His best buddy Mannu (Salman Khan) is a natural talent. Despite his inborn ability, Mannu is not at all serious about music. On Arjun’s insistence, Mannu joins his band and becomes an overnight star. Arjun might be the slogger – but Mannu has the fans. A jealous Arjun now has to choose between friendship and ambition. As Devgn says in one of the scenes – he has the passion, but his friend has the X-factor.

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Positive Reviews
4.0 “is amongst Vipul Shah`s most accomplished works till date”
Zee News
3.5 “one of the best films of the year. The stretched climax is a bit of a disappointment but the fantastic performances by both Ajay and Salman more than makes up for it”
3.5 “a thumb’s up for the movie”
3.5 “An appreciative spell from Vipul”
3.5 “is all about the joy of watching Salman and Ajay’s chemistry. Their star power makes up for all the flaws”
Buzz 18
3.5 “After admiring the filmmaking skills, clever script and effort, you leave the theatre without the sublime emotional impact characteristic of beloved films”
Planet Bollywood
3.0 “fun to watch. It’s a paisa wasool film and you will not feel bore at all”
Bollywood Mantra
3.0 “an intense musical which has a lot of merits in the form of performances, music, story, cinematography and a good direction”
Desi Hits
3.0 “has superb performances from its principal cast and several emotionally-charged sequences as its two trump cards. But its biggest drawback is its climax and also the music, which is the weakest link of the movie”
3.0 “a decent entertainer and has its heart at the right place”
3.0 “watch it for the Devgn-Salman thunder and for the simple reason that this is definitely one of Vipul Shah’s better films”
Times Of India
3.0 “Watch it for Sallu”
3.0 “a story not told in Bollywood before, not at this scale. It is entertaining and definitely worth a watch at the theatres”
3.0 “makes for a good watch”
Movie Talkies
3.0 “makes for an excellent musical journey worth an experience in the big cinema hall”
Real Bollywood
3.0 “its Salman and Salman alone who turns the table for LONDON DREAMS and makes it worth a watch”
Average Reviews
2.5 “would have been a masterpiece had it not had a very, very contrived and unimaginably ludicrous climax. What a shame”
2.5 “Watch London Dreams if you haven’t watched anything else in Bollywood, and you might just be lucky enough to be impressed”
Full Hyderabad
2.5 “though predictable and lacking in pace is a visually mesmerizing musical treat”
Star Box Office
2.5 “needs a reality check”
2.5 “for you avid Salman and Ajay fans, London Dreams is one to for merely for them”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Dream at your own risk”
2.0 “dreary and repetitive”
2.0 “a foolish film”
IBN Live
2.0 “is given a leg-up by a strong story let down in execution and technique”
DNA India
1.5 “There is no writing, merely good locations and great lighting; wouldn’t shock me if it sort of lit up the producer’s balance sheet as well”
Hindustan Times

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