Movie Review: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009)

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APKGKAffection alone can’t make a movie click. Even if Raj Kumar Santoshi dips into the holy fountain of Hindi comedy, nicking character names from favourite films, crafting starry in-jokes and creating absurd villains with absolutely hammy glee, all that joyous tomfoolery really doesn’t cut it.Affection and a superstar, on the other hand, make for quite the package.

A throwback right from its very title — doesn’t the beautiful, breathy word Ghazab belongs to a whole different generation? — Santoshi’s latest is a warmly made film not everyone will like. A broad comedy in the caricatured tradition of his own glorious Andaz Apna Apna, this one oscillates between silent movie slapstick and moronic farce, between memorable witticisms and melodrama so extreme it can only be for laughs.

Prem’s [Ranbir Kapoor] fundas in life were very simple – be happy, make others happy. A case of mistaken identity leads Prem to almost kidnap Jenny [Katrina Kaif], who was brought up by indifferent and uncaring foster parents.

Prem falls in love with Jenny, but realizes gradually that Jenny is in love with someone else [Upen Patel], the son of a conniving politician [Govind Namdeo]. Prem decides to sacrifice his love and get the lovers married.

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Positive Reviews
4.0 “Go, have a ball”

Times Of India

4.0 “entertains majorly”
4.0 “has all the plus points to create waves at theatres all over the country. This is a film to put on your must-watch list of 2009”


4.0 “proves once again, that a good screenplay and well written dialogues are definitely half the work done. Santoshi takes care of this very well indeed and what one gets is a very well made, crazy comedy”
Movie Talkies
4.0 “a complete family entertainer and a paisa vasool flick”

Zee News

3.5 “Simply priceless. Go and enjoy the film!”
Mumbai Mirror
3.5 “it’s just good to watch a film with memorable comedy again. Heaven knows its been a while”


3.5 “a movie with many shortcomings but once you see it you can’t help loving it”
Real Bollywood
3.5 “sn’t a spectacular film but it’s very entertaining and sweet”

Star Box Office

3.0 “keeps going up and down. It’s not a patch on Santoshi’s Andaz Apna Apna but does pack in a good number of gags to keep you smiling”
3.0 “a good romantic comedy after a long while”


3.0 “There’s nothing ‘ghazab’ (extraordinary) about the conventional love story but the journey to the destination is full of laughs”
3.0 “a rare film that jumps over all the hurdles of cliched plotting and corny dialogues on the sheer strength of its protagonists’ charm and grace”


3.0 “a fun filled story where only entertainment and fun prevails”
Bollywood Mantra
Average Reviews
2.8 “If you go in there expecting a low-brow, loud, in-your-face comedy sans logic you will get your money’s worth”
Planet Bollywood
2.5 “It’s raining Ranbir Kapoor this season. Watch it for the magic he creates on screen — time and again.”
2.5 “pure cotton candy – all spun sugar and air on a slim paper cone of a plot”
2.5 “not a bad choice for the weekend and likely to appeal to young viewers”
DNA India
2.5 “The first half is good but its those post-interval portions that prove to be a major let down. Wait for the DVD”
2.5 “could have been a charming joyride. But instead it settles for a routine, time pass watch”
Buzz 18
2.5 “entertains in bits and pieces. If you must, watch it for Ranbir’s brilliance”
Now Running
2.5 “if you must, watch it for Ranbir Kapoor whose performance alone justifies the price of a ticket. “
IBN Live
2.5 “strictly for someone looking for a goof-off”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Santoshi takes liberal references from every popular prem kahani of Bollywood and ends up with an ajeeb (weird) jumbled screenplay”
2.0 “swings like a pendulum; at one moment, it takes off and at another, it just drops”
2.0 “hardly a laughathon. It’s strictly for those who’ve exhausted everything on their to-do list, including making decent conversation with their fingernails”
Full Hyderabad
1.0 “Perfect non-com!”
Hindustan Times

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