Movie Review: Kurbaan (2009)

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kurbaan-kareena-saifPost 9/11, there’s anger, distrust, suspicion, uneasiness all around. Not a day passes when you don’t hear of terrorists killing civilians in the name of religion.Many storytellers have, in the past, narrated stories about terrorists and their nefarious and despicable plans. But let me state one thing categorically. You haven’t watched a more profound, a more thought-provoking, a more dramatic story on this subject before KURBAAN. It’s not just the most powerful film to come out of Dharma Productions, it’s the most powerful film to come out of the Hindi film industry this year, thus far.

Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) and Ehsan (Saif Ali Khan) are professors at a Delhi university. The two fall in love and decide to marry. Just then, Kareena gets a job offer from a university in US. Both move abroad with dreams of marital bliss, at least Avantika, who goes into shock and depression when she discovers her husband is a part of a terror sleeper cell. Her journey through terror, sleepless nights and eventual freedom with help from a journalist friend (Vivek Oberoi) forms the rest of Kurbaan.

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Positive Reviews
4.5 “a fascinating watch and arguably the best Dharma Productions film this decade”
4.0 “stays with you for hours, which is always a hallmark of a great movie”
4.0 “the most powerful film to come out of the Hindi film industry in 2009, so far”
4.0 “a poignant gripping thriller”
Zee News
4.0 “a powerful movie with a strong message that at times fails to deliver”
Desi Hits
3.5 “A taut thriller”
Real Bollywood
3.5 “you definitely cannot walk out without the film leaving an impression on you. And a strong one at that”
3.5 “Gripping, pacy, well-executed, the film is definitely worth a watch”
Buzz 18
3.5 “sure does strike a chord and sets you thinking on stuff that needs to be sorted out before the new world order – a more humanitarian, less violent – sets in. Don’t miss it”
3.5 “a serious, thrilling and balanced film that you must watch”
Star Box Office
3.5 “Thought Provoking Slick Thriller “
Movie Talkies
3.5 “a film that stands as ‘well made’. It has everything in place. But then, it does miss something”
3.0 “a compelling thriller that doesn’t shy away from touching prickly issues. “
IBN Live
3.0 “shows a deep understanding of the bonds that bind and separate the Islamic world from the West”
3.0 “worth the price of your ticket for the thrill it provides and for the performances and direction”
Now Running
3.0 “a must- watch for its technical brilliance and captivating storyline.”
3.0 “an extremely confident debut film”
Mumbai Mirror
Average Reviews
2.5 “Sample Kurbaan if you can forgive the director’s `filmy’ take on terrorism and can enjoy the thrilling moments and superb performances nevertheless”
2.5 “It’s not run-of-the-mill, it’s a brooding story, and it has one very brief bold bedroom scene. If that’s all you need for a film to qualify as time well spent, then maybe you could go for Kurbaan”
Full Hyderabad
Negative Reviews
2.0 “way better than ‘New York’, but is more disappointing, because while that Yash Raj flick never had the potential of becoming a masterpiece, this one did”
2.0 “Are we supposed to feel sorry too? Sorry boss, we have ourselves to care about after the amount of time we’ve spent sitting in a multiplex, watching this film”
DNA India
2.0 “You know, I didn’t particularly like New York either, but I’d much rather watch that again”
India Today
2.0 “Nothing adds up but for the hyped romance between Saif and Kareena. Both are in terrific form”
2.0 “doesn’t deserve a watch as it’s brimmed with lots of ambiguities and absurdities. If you’ve still decided to watch, just enter the theatres, 30mins prior to climax”
1.5 “a massive disappointment. In fact, it’s almost terrorizing”

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