Bolo Raam (2009) Preview

BOLO RAAM, a fast-paced and gripping thriller murder mystery, is produced by Goldy Bhutani of Shree Keshav Films.Directed by Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om’ BOLO RAAM, is jointly written by Sanjeev Giriver & Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om.Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Padmini Kolhapure, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Govind Namdev, Manoj Pahwa, debutante Rishi Bhutani, who is playing the title role of Raam, BOLO RAAM hits the screens on 31st December 2009.The music of the film is done by Sachin Gupta.

BOLO RAAM is the story of a boy Raam Kaushik (Rishi Bhutani). Raam is charged with the murder of his mother Archana (Padmini Kohlapure). On the other hand, Raam falls in to a state of shock, brief psychotic disorder, after his mother’s death and become silent, refusing to talk or react in any manner. The story unfolds as the investigating officer, Indrajeet Singh Rathi (Om Puri), much to his frustration is puzzled and unable to make Raam speak. He consults a Psychiatrist Dr. N.S Negi (Naseeruddin Shah) to determine Raam’s state of mind and the reason for his silence.

The movie progresses as he interrogates various personalities for the case, questioning each and every person possibly connected to Archana and Raam. Every possible motive that Raam might have for murdering his mother is explored. Furthermore, Raam’s neighbours Sub Inspector Sajid Khan (Govind Namdev) his daughter, Juhi (Disha Pandey) and son, Sameer (Krishan Khatra) are summoned by Rathi for Interrogation. Will his silence solve the puzzle?

Don’t forget to watch this thrilling movie with the stunning stars on 31st Dec 2009


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