Movie Review: Rocket Singh (2009)

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Rocket SinghSome films absorb you instantly, from the very outset. But it takes time to get into the world of a salesman who thinks from his heart.Come to think of it, ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR is about a simpleton, but the story of his struggle and accomplishment isn’t the kind that would charge you or make you charter a similar path in life. Also, the story of an underdog who comes up the hard way should make you feel euphoric in the end, right? But ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR doesn’t.

Rocket Singh is a film about college pass out Harpreet Singh Bedi who was just an average student in college. Not finding any suitable options in further studies, he decides to pursue his career in sales. But, things were not the way he expected. Corruption, bribes, hard competition between the staff, a frustrated guy as his senior, and a corrupt boss, that job turned out to be his worst nightmare. He then decides not to give up on his dream and fight the system and thus begins the journey of Rocket Singh.

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Positive Reviews
4.5 “an absolute gem of a movie and the perfect antidote to all the trashy big budget vehicles that keep releasing”
4.0 “Amin gave us a landmark movie would take it too far- that credit goes to Chak De India. However with Rocket Singh, he proved he could create that magic again”
4.0 “Go watch it to see why even zero has a value”
India Today
4.0 “The most well written and genuinely unique film of the year. This one’s a superb product”
Buzz 18
4.0 “one of the most rocking films of the year”
4.0 “a very well written, well-scripted and well-executed movie, the strength of which lies in its extreme understatement, simplicity and subtle attitude”
Planet Bollywood
3.5 “enjoyable and appealing”
3.5 “Perfect casting, fabulous performances, good direction and writing make Rocket Singh a good one-time watch”
3.5 “stands tall despite its flaws. On the surface it has a uni-focussed sameness to its narration, as though the story was being told in one breath”
3.5 “But the high point of the film are the punchy dialogues and the handful of scenes which touch your heart with their had-enough-of-dishonesty, let’s-be-good-now India, feel”
Times Of India
3.5 “not a film that grips you from the word go, or one that leaves you rolling in the aisles, but it’s an impassioned effort that tosses skepticism out the window”
3.5 “simple, yet brilliant”
DNA India
3.5 “has the ability to inspire millions of our country’s youngsters”
Real Bollywood
3.5 “good, but it could have been much better”
3.5 “a clean, honest film with noble intentions. It requires patience to appreciate it fully, but deserves a viewing because films like this are hard to find”
IBN Live
3.0 “Dunno if ticket sales for this film will rocket, but I strongly recommend”
3.0 “a film for one and all. Simple incidents will touch your heart”
Bollywood Mantra
3.0 “a funny movie with some great one-liners”
Desi Hits
3.0 “an inspiring chapter in the book of Bollywood and in the books of those who are associated with the film”
3.0 “You’d much rather stick with this rare Rocket, than an yearlong racket that goes on in the name of filmmaking in Mumbai”
Hindustan Times
Average Reviews
2.5 “a watchable, sweet and simple film but you don’t feel euphoric when it is over. Watch it only for Ranbir without any sky-high expectations”
Star Box Office
2.5 “director Shimit Amin’s weakest film thus far”
2.5 “isn’t for everyone. It lacks those ingredients that are an integral part of most Bollywood blockbusters”
Now Running
Negative Reviews
2.3 “isn’t much of a comedy as it is a deep and involved study of a sleazy world a few of us know as office, but the desi version of Dilbert seems to be on its way”
Full Hyderabad
2.0 “Ranbir Kapoor is excellent. Alas, the rest of Rocket Singh…isn’t”
Khalid Mohamed
2.0 “watch out the flick to know more about the journey of Rocket Singh”
Zee News
1.5 “more of a documentary on the life of a salesman. Lack of music, romance and entertainment, coupled with zilch hype, will go against the film. A colossal disappointment!”
1.5 “has nothing to talk about apart from Ranbir Kapoor’s acting”

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