God, I can’t do this anymore – May God Give Them Strength !

Haiti is collecting stories from bloggers, residents and Twitter users on the ground to share in their own words what they are seeing in different cities in Haiti following the earthquake. The stories are heart wrenching to read, terrible to watch on TV and cannot be described in words in twitter and facebook. Mass graveyard has been dug in dumping site to bury thousands of dead people.The complete city needs to be rebuilt. People who are alive even wishes to die.

One of Enoch’s friends was trapped inside his house with his (the friends) two brothers and his mother. They all died and people were trying to rescue him. He kept yelling at them to stop and leave him alone. He wanted to die with his family. They asked what they could drop down to him and he asked for a gun to kill himself.

May God have mercy & blessed all, whom perished, who are suffering & give strenght to those who are assisting now in Haiti, on Earth. We are half way round the world in a safe country who can just watch TV news coverage & read on the internet with sorrow & sadness. and all our safe readers, away from Haiti, offer our deepest condolences & sympathies to all. Heard with regrets too that most prisoners have “escaped” not by choice but from their collasped prison (from this disaster). I really do hope that some media, like the radio station may like to spread some words of wisdom to them, like, “You have a second chance in life, freedom, choice by nature. Please turns to a new leaf, new life and offers your help & assistance to your fellow countrypeople now, to redeem, re-shaped & re-built. Now is the chance and chances are a plentifull after all said and done”. etc etc. I guess in this way, the sufferer and/or the rescuer may get more helping hands, etc etc. I apologised if this self-thought suggestion may invites anger.

By just a “free-thinker” half-way round the world from the destructed Haiti.

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