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Rakhi Sawant back to Natural, No Implants anymore !

rakhiNow why would she do that?
Those implants were the best thing that she had going for her. If she thinks shes an actress I beg to differ, if she thinks she is an item girl, how can she be without those assets?

Lets see how she looks in the next item number if…. there will be anymore offered to her. Rakhi also stated in the past that she was all natural, when did breast implants support the case for being all natural??
The jury is still out on this one, but I personally believe that with her removing the… implants I think she her momentum and status will deflate also, not like she had much status to begin with. Anyways it looks like she is making some turn into becoming a singer with Ishq Bector. Yeah I know you are probably wondering Ishq who? Well we wish this girl luck as she tries to reform to whatever she is trying to reform to.

Rumor has it that the Censor Board of India is not really into too much of her music and is asking the actress to remove some inappropriate phrases up her songs before she can release it. So that is not the only things she is removing these days…

Jager OUT!


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