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Salman concerned over rising students suicide in Maharashtra

salman-khan-wallpaperAs 20 people have committed suicide over the past 18 days in Maharashtra, claimed Bollywood actor Salman Khan. He said it is a matter of great concern and parents need to talk to their children.

“If every year there are ten kids committing suicide (in a week on average), it is a thing that will… can happen to you as well. It`s something to worry about. We think that it won`t happen to us but how do you know, if it happens tomorrow then what will we do. So before it happens it`s better that parents sit and talk to children, advice them that they should study but at the same time they should say that if it`s not happening, if you don`t pass then it`s okay, it will happen next time.” said Khan.

Khan advised kids to do things in which they had a genuine interest.

“I told the kids that you should do things you are interested in. And I told them that you`d be successful in the field only if you`re interested in it,” he added.

As per the counsellors, possibly the pressure by the parents in copying the success of the intelligent ones is forcing youngsters to take such extreme step. Psychiatrists are also trying to come with a strategy to tackle the surge in students` suicides.


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