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Salman wants to cut VEER to avoid the mistakes of LONDON DREAMS

salman-khan060Salman Khan, the handsome hunk of bollywood with a golden heart who plays lead in Anil Sharma’s forthcoming flick ‘Veer’ opposite newbie Zarine Khan, wants it to be shorter by few minutes to avoid the mistake of Vipul Shah’s film ‘London Dreams’. Sources close to Salman Khan say that the macho Khan wanted some scenes from the film to be cut to make it crisper and also to avoid testing the patience of audiences who hate long films(of course, the likes of Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’ is more of an exception than a rule). But, producer Vijay Galani and director Anil Sharma did not budge from their position that refused to make any changes in the final print.

Another point of contention is ‘color gradient’ of few action sequences in the film. As Salman Khan has put his heart into the making of the flick, he suggested that certain technical changes should be made in the color scheme to make it more attractive, but here too Galani and Anil Sharma (of ‘Gadar’ fame) refused to consider Salman Khan’s point.

Sources close to production house say that Salman Khan had been shown only a rough print of the film, as the final print is yet not ready. But, Salman Khan felt that if he was not satisfied with his own flick, how could he expect his fans to be satisfied with the offering. Keeping in view these points, Salman Khan requested producer-director to make certain changes but persuasion and arguments are said to have not yielded any result so far. The buzz is that Salman Khan became furious at the treatment of his feelings and even used not- so -gentle language during the heated exchange of words.

The buzz doing the rounds in the industry is that Salman Khan had similarly told Vipul Shah to cut short his last film ‘London Dreams,’ as he was feeling bored after watching the flick. But, Vipul Shah chose to override his opinion and went ahead with the release of Salman Khan-Ajay Devgan-Asin starrer flick with disastrous results. After five days, the film was cut short by about twenty- five minutes, but by then it was too late.

As Salman Khan has been deeply involved with ‘Veer’, he does not want the same fate for this upcoming flick ‘Veer’. In fact, Salman Khan not only have acted in the film but also written its story and script. The film has cost more than Rs 50 crore and Salman Khan wants ‘Veer’ to recover that amount in its first week itself. The film is due on the 22nd of this month in theatres world wide. The macho Khan has promised that ‘Veer’ is not run of the mill period flick, and in fact, has all the ingredients of a modern day flick – like romance, laughter and drama.


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