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Vivek Oberoi Makes a Fool of Himself at SRK’s Party

VivekVivek Oberoi we honestly fail to understand you. You are a failing actor with a bad image, and now your just making a complete fool out of yourself. Well rumor has it Vivek Oberoi showed up completely uninvited to Shahrukh Khan’s party at his home “Mannat“.

At Apsara Awards function, where Vivek praised King Khan before latter’s performance. So, after the function, when SRK had organized small party at his ‘Mannat’ with selected ones from the industry. Vivek attended the party without any invitation.

Yup Vivek rolled up in his yellow bike and threw himself out on the dance floor and danced solo. Guests including his ex-flame Aishwariya Rai Bachchan and the remaining Bachchan clan just stepped back and watched the spectacle.

Gauri Khan was so bothered by his presence she asked hubby Shahrukh to “Throw the Jerk Out!” Well the King Khan politely let the actor stay but luckily the embarrassment was too much to bear and Vivek walked out.

Unfortunately for Vivek, his yellow bike couldn’t deal with the shame and didn’t start so Vivek was forced to leave it outside of “Mannat”. Well Vivek we hope you’ve learned your lesson and maybe you’ll go into hiding for a while…

I’m sure no one will mind.

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